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Alex Johnson

About Alex Johnson

"I've always loved travel. All the little annoyances: the rigmarole of airports, the missed connections, the breakdowns, the missing reservations, are not annoyances to me. They're what I live for. Travel, I think, is best measured in experiences, not distance. It’s the people you meet, the unexpected encounters, the weird, and the wonderful of this world that makes every journey special. Sometimes, a short hop on the train to a new town can be just as rewarding as a first-class flight across the Atlantic. My favourite destinations are those less visited, which led me to writing my first book, A Long Weekend in Ulaanbaatar. My second book, Running the Milk, focuses on another of my passions: air travel."

- Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson Background

Experience: Travel blogs, articles, and features plus two travel books. I also have expereince in general copywriting and editing.

Articles Written: 100

Countries Visited: 44

Years Spent Traveling: 10

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