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About Us

We are Travel Insighter

Daniel & Michael, two globe-trotting lawyers from Australia.

One Arab, one Jew. One sits in first-class, the other in the combi van. One likes 5-star hotels, the other sleeps in a yurt. Between them, they’ve lived in 10+ cities around the world. 

Daniel Herszberg with a Tongan flag behind him

Daniel Herszberg

Daniel Herszberg has traveled to Every Country in the World – the youngest Australian to set foot in all 197/197 countries! 

Many of you may know Daniel from his Instagram stories, but Daniel’s story goes a little further back. A trained lawyer, Daniel gave up daily commutes to the courtroom for overland camel convoys in Mauritania. 

Beyond the pages of his passport, Daniel holds a Masters degree from Cambridge and is currently pursuing a DPhil (PhD) at Oxford.  

Daniel regularly engages in public speaking events, government consulting and media requests on all things related to travel and tourism.  

Countries Visited: 197/197

Cities Called Home: Melbourne, Jerusalem, Beijing, Hong Kong, New York, Cambridge and Oxford 

Favorite Cities: Cairo, Mexico City, Tel Aviv, Buenos Aires, Kabul, Baghdad and Kyiv 

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Hebrew, French, Portuguese, Chinese and all the bad Arabic words (thanks to Michael) 

Michael Soud with a Mexican flag behind him

Michael Soud

Michael Soud is a venture capital lawyer by day living between London and New York, but you will usually find Michael everywhere else in the world.

Michael is a self-appointed global expert in creating spontaneous on-the-go dessert tours. If the best way to know a culture is through food, Michael is the cultural expert. Michael’s lifelong ambition is to be global expert on knafe.

You might recognize Michael from being a regular guest on Taiwanese primetime television. He’s a big deal in Taiwan. 

Michael is always available for food tastings and dessert trials in London, New York and, frankly, wherever has good dessert. 

Countries Visited: 106/197 

Cities Called Home: Sydney, Beijing, Tulum, Taipei, Hong Kong, London and New York 

Favorite Cities: Copenhagen, Pyongyang, Tehran, Medellin, Taichong and Damascus 

Languages Spoken: English, Chinese, Arabic, French, Spanish and Russian 

See where Dan has been – 197 countries, 1500+ cities, 600+ regions:

Behind the Mask: Travel Insighter

Visiting Every Country goes well beyond finding the world’s best beaches or the world’s tallest mountains. For us, the real joy of travel unfolds from being on the road: immersing ourselves in new experiences, languages and flavors. We always try to create meaningful connections with those who call our planet home.  

Guidebooks are filled with general information about places and things to do, but there is so little written about how to really get beneath the surface of the places you travel. Travel should be transformational, and our goal is to help you achieve just that.  

We believe that destinations are only as good as the people who create and live in them. We have built Travel Insighter to give you everything you need to see local, eat local and feel local.

Travel Insighter gets behind the mask – one local insight at a time. 

What makes Travel Insighter different?

Travel Insighter is the confluence of travelers and the traveled, of visitors and locals, and of those seeking experiences and those who create those experiences. Our guiding ethos is to restore the transformational element of travel, to equip travellers with the tools to live the history and human experience of societies around the world.

Everything we publish is carefully designed to bring these things together. You’ll only find curated insights that have been through rigorous validation by local communities.

Man in Lesotho Semonkong Basotho with a maroon blanket

Our food recommendations

Our best places to eat aren’t sponsored. They’re the places that locals tell us are the best in the area. And then we get those recommendations verified by other locals to make sure you’re getting the best of the best.

Food is often the gateway to experiencing a culture firsthand. Our food recommendations are designed to provide an understanding of these foods and help you on your quest to find the best of them.

Ghateau Bharat or Spice cake in Aleppo, Syria

Our recommendations on things to do and places to see

Our articles are guided by the insights that only a local can know. After all, a place is nothing if not for the people in it. Travel Insighter is designed to give everybody access to the trusted friend in every corner of the world, bit by bit. You trust your friends to tell you what to do and how to do it. We’re that – you’re very well-traveled friends.

Our community

Travel Insighter operates a pay-it-forward system for exclusive travel advice. Travelers just like you have been to the destinations you wish to travel to. Our WhatsApp community is designed to allow you to ask your questions to the TI team and other travelers to get the most up-to-date answers – because things change all the time, whether it’s political happenings or a new visa requirement.

In exchange for receiving responses to your questions, we ask that you respond to others when you have knowledge to share. Ultimately, travel is a community, and Travel Insighter is the meeting place.

How can you support us?

As we don’t accept payment for sponsorships or reviews, we rely on money earned through affiliate links to continue our work. Our articles often include links to hotels, tours and transport that we recommend. If you find our work helpful and want to support us, please book your travel through our affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and allows us to continue what we do best.