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The Short Guide to One Day in Modern Damascus

Michael Soud

March 11, 2024

As old as history itself, Damascus is a melting pot of countless civilizations and cultures that surprises and satisfies at every turn. Every part of …

The Short Guide to One Day in Islamic Damascus

Michael Soud

March 7, 2024

Syria is dotted with some of the world’s oldest and most visually stunning examples of Islamic architecture and genius. Damascus in particular is home to …

The Short Guide to One Day in Christian Damascus

Michael Soud

March 4, 2024

Syria is comprised of a sizeable Christian minority which are mostly adherents of the eastern Orthodox church. It’s unclear whether the population of Syrian Christians …

Beyond Krak des Chevaliers: Visit Syria’s Valley Of The Christians

Michael Soud

March 2, 2024

Wadi al-Nasara, which directly translates to Valley of the Christians, is one of the most fascinating areas in Syria. The Valley is comprised of 32 …

Food Insights

Every Trip to Syria Must Include Trying These 11 Syrian Dishes

Michael Soud

February 7, 2024

Syrian dishes are as diverse as the country is rich in history and culture. When you’re in Syria, you absolutely must try these dishes. And …

Best Middle Eastern Desserts: 7 Syrian Sweets You Must Try

Michael Soud

January 19, 2024

Middle Eastern desserts are known all around the world for their shapes, colors and flavors. We all know the famous baklava, but there are some …

Plan Your Trip: Before You Go

13 Things You Need To Know Before You Visit Syria

Michael Soud

January 18, 2024

For North American, British and Australian travellers, it is essential that you are armed with local insights before your visit to Syria. It will come …