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7 Best Beaches in Milos to Make Your Trip Amazing

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3 weeks ago

This small island in the Cyclades island group of Greece has garnered a reputation for having some of the best beaches on the Greek Islands. With over 70 beaches by our count, there are a huge number of options and – like most travelers who are spending only a few days in Milos – you’ll want to make sure you maximize your time at the best beaches in Milos.

Not all beaches in Milos have service, which is to say that you will usually need to go prepared with your own food, shelter, towels and other amenities for the day. It might be a little harder than going to a beach club and enjoying the pampered lifestyle, but in return for a little bit of effort you’ll get to experience stunning, untouched beaches with lunar landscapes and mysterious caves.

Map of the 7 Best Beaches in Milos

As you’ll see in the below map, the best beaches in Milos are located on the northern and southern sides of the east of Milos. There are quite literally dozens of other beaches on the rugged western side of the island, but our view (as informed by locals) is that the beaches in the west are a lot of hassle to get to and usually aren’t any better than those in the east.

Having said that, Milos is ripe for touring by boat. If you’re interested in visiting some of the more secluded areas in the west of the island (like Kleftiko and the Sikia Cave), ask your captain if you can stop during your boat trip (in fact, Kleftiko can only be reached by boat in any case).


If there is one beach in Milos that you visit, make it Sarakiniko. This isn’t a traditional beach with sand and waves, but rather a small cove surrounded by lunar-like cliffs. You’ll find mysterious tunnels and walk along magical landscapes that will have you feel like you’re walking on the moon.

It truly is quite a mesmerizing experience to walk along the rocks and jump from the cliffs directly into the warm water. Mother Nature’s volcanos did a stellar job with this one, and it truly is one of the best beaches in Milos (and should inspire you to visit Milos just as the beaches in Akyaka, Türkiye inspire travel).

There aren’t any services at Sarakiniko Beach though you may find a small food cart at the entrance. Because of this, you should absolutely go earlier in the day if you want a shaded space. You’ll see people that have set up for the day just within the entrance to one of the caves for shade.

What is so joyous about Sarakiniko Beach is that it is incredibly easy to get to regardless of whether you’re staying in Plaka, Adamantas, Pollonia or otherwise. Having said this, if you’re the type that likes to wake up for a sunrise, there is nothing quite like the sunrise over the other-worldly landscape of Sarakiniko.

Contrary to what others say, unless you plan on hiking around the entire area, it’s perfectly fine to wear flip flops (or any other open shoe). Nowadays, there is a path that takes you down to the water so you won’t need to worry about scaling rocks. And once you get down there, you’ll be greeted with perfectly warm water. All ages and swimming levels can visit Sarakiniko though jumping off the cliffs should be reserved for confident swimmers.

The contrast between the white rock and deep blue and teal of the water is simply breathtaking – but make sure you bring sunglasses because the white rock can be blinding.


Located in the southwest of the island, Tsigrado is only accessible by scaling a few narrow passages to get down to the beach. There are occasionally groups waiting to descend, but it is usually not so busy as it isn’t a beach you can simply walk into. For those of us who like adventure, it can be a lot of fun to go down the ladders and a big achievement once you get to the beach.

If you’re worried, don’t fret about the ladders – they’re sturdier than they look. Having said that, if you’re not quite the type to negotiate a steep ladder down a rockface, the cheat is that you can easily get to Tsigrado Beach by boat – and it’s usually included in most full-day boat itineraries.

There are caves that you can swim through which immediately abut the beach, but don’t expect to see much wildlife. Tsigrado is an experience because of the difficulty of getting to it, but the honest truth is that the other best beaches in Milos will deliver a similar experience without the effort.


Fyriplaka Beach is located just minutes away from Tsigrado – but don’t worry, there aren’t any fitness tests you need to pass to get to Fyriplaka. Like Tsigrado, however, there aren’t any services at Fyriplaka so you’ll need to go prepared with your own water, towels, and – most importantly – shade because there are very few shaded areas on Fyriplaka Beach.

Be aware that, at some point before the Covid-19 pandemic, there were services at Fyriplaka Beach like chairs for hire. That isn’t the case at present so you’ll need to be prepared.

Many Milos locals and frequent visitors consider Fyriplaka the best of the best beaches in Milos, and it truly does deliver with beautiful sand, crystal clear water and a sense of being on a remote island (I suppose you kind of are). In any case, you won’t be disappointed spending a whole day on Fyriplaka Beach if you go prepared.


Unlike Fyriplaka and Tsigrado, Firopotamos Beach is located in an old fishing village with a beach club that gets going during summer. It has become famous for its crystal clear water and pristine white sand, and we’re glad that it still hasn’t lost its beauty and charm despite becoming more on the beaten path of tourism.

For the discerning, there is actually a smaller beach in front of the houses that is usually quieter than the main beach in case you want something more secluded – but either way, this truly is one of the best beaches in Milos.

On the clifftop beside the beach, you’ll find the beautiful Church of Saint Nikolaos. For a bit of extra adventure, you can walk up here in no time.

Thiorichia (Old Sulfur Mines)

Don’t be alarmed when you feel like you stumbled upon an uninhabited ancient ruin. Thiorichia Beach is right next to an old sulfur mine which closed in 1978. These picturesque old buildings are on the southeast side of Milos and are best accessed – and viewed – by boat. It’s well worth a visit during your tour of the island.

While there is a steep and rocky road to get to the beach, you can really only access this area via an ATV or off-road SUV. The experience is magical and some of the buildings still have beds in them, though this expedition is really for the view as the beach is relatively rocky but does provide access to caves. This is a great place to learn (by touch) about the rich mineral mining history of Milos.


Papafragas isn’t just a beach. It’s a series of volcanic rocks with beaches, swimming holes and caves throughout the rocks. You can swim through the larger cave opening or through the side into the open water, but either way you’ll get an amazing experience.

You would be remiss to simply walk on the rocks and not go to the areas where you can swim because the swimming areas are simply beautiful and will add to the memory of your trip. The stairs down to the bottom can be quite slippery, but if you’re willing to brave the stairs then we have no doubt that you’ll consider the beach below a true reward.


Paleochori Beach is one of the best beaches in Milos not only for its beauty but also because of the ease of access and local restaurants to enjoy for a long, lazy lunch. The long sand beach is easy to get to by car and is the right choice for travel groups with different types of beachgoers.

For those looking for a beach with service, Paleochori delivers with Aqua Loco which is one of the best spots on the island to reserve a day bed at the beach. Or if you prefer not to swim in the beach, you can pass the day next to their pool.

This beach club is on the higher end offering with a full food menu and beverage service at your private cabana. You’ll need to arrive before 11 am on the weekends to get a shot at getting a cabana or a beach chair.

But if you didn’t make it there in time, roll out your towel to soak in the sun and then head over to Pelagos for a delicious seaside lunch. Sirocco is also located on the beach. It’s a hotel offering limited beach chair service and great food (maybe not the best restaurant in Milos, but still great).

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