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James Franklin: Your Local Insighter for the Isle of Man

Travel Insighter

April 18, 2024

Meet James Franklin, a born and raised citizen of the Isle of Man, Manx language learner and speaker, and the author of ‘A Guide to …

12 South African Foods That Will Make You Want to Visit

Michael Soud

April 17, 2024

Special things happen when dozens of different cultures and communities interface over generations, one of which is incredible foods that are shared and innovated. South …

Unique South African Sweets: The 8 You Must Try

Michael Soud

April 15, 2024

In a country so ethnically and culturally diverse, South African sweets are by default varied and unique. There are some South African desserts and sweets …

One Day Makassar Itinerary: Top Things to Do

Daniel Herszberg

April 14, 2024

Makassar sadly isn’t going to win many beauty awards. For travelers to Indonesia, the capital of Sulawesi island is often a launching point for more …