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7 Best Restaurants in Milos, Greece – And 1 to Skip

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3 weeks ago

It feels like food in the Greek Islands is designed to be fresh, satisfying and inviting, and there are few places that deliver that combination as well as the best restaurants in Milos. You’ll find all of the delicious Greek staples on the island from taramasalata (fish roe “salad” (it’s actually a dip or spread)), fava beans, grilled octopus, saganaki, and more cheeses than you can think of.

But when it comes to dining in Milos, it’s not simply the food that matters. You’re here for the spectacular views, Greek island vibe and outstanding, genuine service. That’s why, to make it on to this list of the best, a restaurant needs to offer the trifecta. With that in mind, there is one restaurant in Milos which probably has some of the best views you can find, but doesn’t deliver on food. We’ve let you know which restaurant to skip below.

1. Astakas

Astakas Cafe Restaurant has very much earned its place as one of the best restaurants in Milos – if not, the best restaurant in Milos. Every dish you will be served will be exceptional in flavor, freshness and quality. Astakas is generally considered by locals to be one of the first higher-end restaurants in Milos, but that doesn’t mean it’s stuffy white table cloth. On the contrary, the service is genuine and the food feels homemade but restaurant quality.

Astakas is the only restaurant located in the picturesque fishing village of Klima which is characterized by brightly colored sirmata (fishermen’s houses) which sit right on the water. When the tide is high, you can literally watch the water crash onto the gates of the boat storehouses of each sirma. In fact, you can even rent out one of these gorgeous sirmata for the perfect romantic and secluded getaway.

Luckily, Astakas is lodged right in the middle of these houses, so you get sweeping views of the ocean from Klima bay and of the beautiful waterfront houses.

You ideally want to go to Astakas for sunset because the sun sets on the side of the island that the restaurant is on. Having said that, you can’t really go wrong at any time of day. It’s located on the beach, so it’s perfect for a romantic dinner. Beware: it’s not so easy to get to. You’ll need to go down a steep, dirt road, but there is a parking lot right beside the restaurant.

It really feels like time stops in Klima, so be ready to set in for a long lunch or dinner and enjoy the beauty of the area, the vibe of the restaurant and the incredible fresh Greek food.

2. Kipos

If you’re looking for the freshest of fresh seafood, there’s no other than choice than Kipos. The seafood is caught fresh every day – you can see the boat that the fisherman use to catch the fish that will be served. And because it’s so fresh, we highly recommend that you go for lunch because the local catch runs out.

Many patrons choose to arrive by boat, so don’t be surprised if you drive in and don’t see many cars only to see the restaurant full.

3. Glaronisia

Firmly a local favorite and one of the best restaurants in Milos, Glaronisia consistently serves incredibly tasty seasonal local produce. This isn’t quite on the water, but you can still catch a glimpse of the ocean from a higher viewpoint which makes this a wonderful place for lunch.

If you manage to get a table at Glaronisia on a Friday or Saturday night in the summer, the atmosphere becomes particularly lively with live Greek music. It’s not quite Mykonos, but you’ll get a more exciting dining experience than you might get elsewhere.

The team behind Glaronisia has done an exceptional job of decorating the restaurant. But they didn’t stop there. Each member of the team knows that part of an amazing meal is amazing service, and the team at Glaronisia does this by making you feel part of the family.

4. Yialos

Yialos has become quite the open secret in recent years. It sits right on the water at Pollonia on the north-eastern tip of Milos and serves everything from sea urchin to gnocchi to zucchini pie. If you’re looking for lunch with beach views or a perfect sunset dinner by the beach, Yialos is the right option.

In terms of the style of food, Yialos is more in the realm of elevated Greek cuisine. Like all the best restaurants in Milos, you’ll be treated to the freshest high-quality ingredients. But Yialos goes a little further and adds an element of gourmet and innovation to their dishes.

Like many of the others on our list, you’ll need to make a reservation – especially during the peak summer season. Yialos is also the perfect place for lunch after a few hours at Sarakiniko in the morning (one of the best beaches in Milos).

5. Archontoula

Archontoula is a restaurant you could easily just walk by as you are exploring Plaka. But take a second look and you’ll notice a discrete restaurant with tables lining the streets. The food is absolutely delicious (their stuffed mushrooms and dolmadakia will become very happy memories in and of themselves), and the vibe is great because it’s right in the middle of Plaka.

Unlike a number of the other restaurants in Milos, you won’t need to make a reservation at Archontoula. Simply walk over after you watch a picture-perfect sunset at the Church of Panagia Korfiatissa and ask for a table outside.

If you’re staying in Plaka, it’s easy to dismiss Archontoula as an option because of all the other seemingly busier restaurants. However, you will not be disappointed as soon as the first plates start arriving at your table.

6. Mavros Xoiros

Just around the corner from Archontoula is Mavros Xoiros, a wildly underrated restaurant serving reasonably priced Greek food in a beautiful setting. What is particularly nice about Mavros Xoiros is that they’re not trying to serve anything fancy. Rather, you’ll be getting reliably tasty food like souvlaki that feels homecooked and will leave you feeling very satisfied every time.

There is also a great atmosphere at Mavros Xoiros regardless of whether you go during the day or night. And if you go at night, you’ll get the joy of the live music spilling in from the restaurant next door.

And make sure you try whatever homemade dessert they’re serving that day (we hope it’s the galaktoboureko or the orange pie for your sake). You’ll won’t find a dessert as tasty as this on the island.

7. O! Hamos!

O! Hamos! has built a reputation for itself as being the restaurant on the island that you must go to. It certainly deserves its place on this list of the best restaurants in Milos with its great food and amazing décor. However, for those of you that only want fresh seafood, O! Hamos! is very much a meat-first restaurant. There’s quite literally no fresh seafood on the menu.

If you’re traveling with kids, O! Hamos! has a small play area.

O! Hamos! also boasts a serviced beach area immediately in front of the restaurant so it may very well be the perfect option if you’re looking for beach time and great food at the same time (yes, they do have food service on the beach).

And the one to Skip

Medusa. It certainly takes courage to suggest that Medusa, one of the most famed restaurants on the island that has almost unquestionably come up in your research, might be one to skip. Before we get into why, it’s important that we say that the view, location and the setup of the restaurant is magnificent and is truly one of the best on the island for that reason.

However, very unfortunately, the food at Medusa simply does not deliver. If you’re happy with amazing views but can stomach a less-than-great meal, Medusa is still very much an option. But if, like us, you want to experience the best of what Milos has to offer, you’re much better off going to another restaurant.

And at least that way you won’t need to stand outside the restaurant hoping your name will be called for a table.

Something Sweet: Aggeliki

Simple and easy, Aggeliki is a great place to hang out after a meal or for a lazy snack during the day – particularly after a day out on the boat when you get back to port. They’ve got a great selection of ice cream flavors and other desserts, and there is a fun, busy vibe past midnight.

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