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The Best Places to Stay in Milos Sorted by Your Desired Experience

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1 week ago

First things first: Milos is deceivingly large. I write deceivingly because there’s actually quite a few areas to stay in Milos – and they’re actually not as close to each other as you think. We’ll go through in detail the best places to stay in Milos so you can decide where to stay based on what type of experience you’re looking for.

One thing that’s crucial to know about Milos is that much of the island isn’t populated. That is to say, virtually all of the best areas to stay in Milos are in the north-eastern side of the island. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go further afield – and doing so will almost certainly guarantee you a very different experience to those who choose to stay in the heart of it.

Best for Greek Island town vibes: Plaka

Plaka is the usual choice for visitors to Milos simply because Plaka is the more typical Greek island town experience with narrow streets, small hills and beautiful blue and white architecture. Let’s put it this way: if you open up a magazine about the Greek Islands, you’ll very likely be drawn to the images of the blue and white houses with narrow streets. It can feel a little bit like Santorini.

To be clear, Plaka absolutely is one of the best areas to stay in Milos. You’ll be surrounded by all the amenities your heart desires as well as some of the best restaurants in Milos and amazing spots for sunset (which you absolutely must get right while in Milos). Plaka isn’t the right choice, however, if you’re the type that is looking for easy access to beaches as distinct from cocktail lounges and shopping.

View of churches on a hill from Plaka

If you choose to stay in Plaka, we recommend Odyssey Rock (if you’re able to get one of the few apartments available), all of which have a sea view. Otherwise, Kastro is also an excellent option and more budget conscious. And don’t be afraid to stay a bit further down the road from Plaka in Tripiti instead – Klima Bay Beachfront Boutique Houses is on the water and still has easy access to town.

Best for port access: Adamantas

You’ll need to drive to the beach from Plaka, so if you prefer to be right by the water then we recommend staying in Adamantas (also known as Adamas). Adamantas is definitely a ‘newer’ part of the island and its development is clearly a response to increasing tourism, but you shouldn’t quickly dismiss this port town. Like Plaka, there is a great vibe at Adamantas well into the early hours of the morning.

Adamantas boasts great boutique shopping, waterfront access (though not the best beaches – you’ll need to go elsewhere for the best beaches) and great food, all in one location. It’s also an easy place to get a car rental or ATV rental because there’s quite a few of them in town which means there is serious competition, making it one of the best places to stay in Milos.

You’ve got your pick of quite accommodation options in Adamantas, including the calm and easy Melagrana which is just far enough from the center of town to feel like you’re somewhere special. The other tried-and-tested option in Adamantas is Hotel Adamas which boasts sea views if you get the right room.

Best for small beach town vibes: Apollonia

If you want to stay by the water but not be in the busy port, Apollonia is the right choice. The beaches in Apollonia are also considerably nicer than those around Adamantas, and there is also a genuine small-village feel that pervades all of Apollonia. After all, it really is just a few streets.

Having said that, there is quite a bit of development taking place on the northern tip of Apollonia, just near Saint Nicholas Holy Orthodox Church. That means there are a lot of options for newer, sometimes more luxurious accommodation options in Apollonia including Domus Litus and Nove Milos, both of which are within walking distance of Pollonia Beach (which is one of the best areas to stay in Milos).

If you prefer to be closer to the center of Apollonia with all of its great restaurants and cute boutiques, we recommend you stay at Captain Zeppos for a particularly memorable experience – it’s right on the beach as well. The only other hotel we’re willing to put our name to is Villa Lord which boasts a private spa tub and direct sea views. It really is as gorgeous as it looks.

But no matter where you choose to stay in Apollonia, this is the one town that combines it all – great restaurants, easy beach access, stellar accommodation options, and the feeling that you’re really in a small village far away from it all. And that’s what makes Apollonia one of the best places to stay in Milos.

Best for romantic and seclusion: Klima

Klima is one of the best areas to stay in Milos for those seeking a more refined or simply more secluded experience. The tiny yet picturesque fishing village of Klima is known for its beautiful, brightly colored sirmata (fisherman’s houses) which sit quite literally on the water. If you choose to stay in Klima, you’ll get direct beach access and immediate access to Astakas Cafe Restaurant, one of the best – if not the best – restaurant in Milos right at your doorstep.

We’re glad to say that you can’t really get it wrong in Klima because your only option is to stay in a small home (or “sirma“) in Klima which is perfect for the romantic getaway experience. The best way to find sirmata is on Vrbo as they’re closer to houses rather than hotels. There’s usually a few sirmata available at any one time, and sometimes the decision comes down to choosing the color that resonates most with you.

The waves literally crash on to the door of the boathouse gate, and you’ll only be one level up so you’ll hear it. No matter which sirma you choose, you’ll get sweeping views of the ocean from Klima bay and all of the serenity that comes with being on the water, making Klima one of the best places to stay in Milos.

Further afield

You may notice in your search for the best places to stay in Milos that there are seemingly randomly placed hotels and aparthotels located throughout the island. Unless you’re seeking the experience of a particular hotel like the adults-only Domes White Coast (which is exceptional and right next to the lunar-like Sarakiniko Beach), we recommend staying in one of the areas we’ve mentioned above for the best experience.

And check out our perfect itinerary for three magical days in Milos.

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