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The Curated List of the 8.5 Best Things to Do in Milos, Greece

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3 weeks ago

When it comes to Milos, it’s easy to think that the only thing to do is simply to spend all day every day at the beach (and there are certainly incredible beaches to choose from). But we’re here to tell you that there is so much more to do than that – in fact, there’s certain things you simply must do while you’re in Milos which we consider to be the best things to do in Milos. You might even find yourself wanting to return sooner than expected.

From stunning lunar landscapes to breathtaking sunsets, the best of Milos is usually delivered to us directly by Mother Nature. This means Milos can be a great option if you’re looking for a cheaper Greek Island holiday. And even some of the best food in Milos won’t set you back. But no matter what you do, make sure to give yourself at least a few days to enjoy the best of Milos with our itinerary.

1. Hire an ATV

Milos is the perfect place to rent an ATV. The island isn’t busy, traffic is light, and the price of ATV hire is typically much cheaper than other islands (you can get ATVs for a day for less than €60). Delightfully, you don’t need to worry about renting an ATV in advance because there are quite a few rental companies right in Adamantas and around the island.

Don’t be afraid to ask the staff at your rental location where to visit for the day because the wind conditions will dictate where you go. For couples staying on the island for a few days, hire an ATV instead of a car to really soak in the island charm. You’ll see the island the way it should be seen. Two persons can fit easily and comfortably fit on one ATV – and it’s just a much more enjoyable experience.

ATV licenses are not necessary, and if you’re a little bit worried, Milos probably has the best conditions for nervous or first-time ATV drivers. And it goes without saying: make sure to wear a helmet. There really is nothing quite like exploring the island by ATV with the wind running through your hair.

2. Charter a boat for the day

Chartering a boat for the day is a must-do on this list of the best things to do in Milos for those in small to large groups. Virtually all companies offer both private charters and group charters; however, we recommend the splurge for the private charter as it will be the highlight for your time in Milos.

The charter company will usually provide snacks, lunch, and beverages (beer and line included). There are affordable options and more high-end options. But you want to focus on ensuring that you get to stop at the beaches which aren’t easily accessible by road.

Travel tip: Make sure you get a sailboat or catamaran as opposed to the ribbed boats.

The sun will be beating down on you all day and ribbed boats don’t typically have shade, so a sailboat or a catamaran is the right choice.

Half-day trips will typically only explore a section of the island depending on the wind conditions, while a full-day trip (8-9 hours) will allow you to circumnavigate the entire island. Make sure to ask your captain about the mining industry on the island and the different types of rock formations. For such a small island, Milos has such a deep and interesting history.

We recommend a full day but if time is tight then opt for the half day or sunset cruise option. Either way, a day on a boat is absolutely the right way to explore Milos.

3. Shopping and drinks in Plaka

Plaka is your quintessential Greek island village but without the crowds that have taken over Santorini or Mykonos. In our view, Plaka is one of the best places to stay in Milos. Without question, you will want to start your evening in Plaka by sitting in front of one of the many churches watching the sun set, ideally with a drink in hand.

As for shopping, the town is full of local boutiques which sell art, homewares and locally made clothes. These local shops definitely deserve a couple of hours exploring. The shops stay open late so if you don’t get your shopping fix before the sunset, you’ll be able to go after sunset and dinner.

Plaka is also home to some of the best restaurants in Milos, but it also excellent bars and nightlife venues that will keep you excited well into the evening.

The joyous thing about Plaka is that you can’t really get it wrong. So many places have excellent, unobstructed views of the sunset. This means you’re virtually guaranteed an incredible experience.

4. Feel the lunar landscapes at Sarakiniko

Unequivocally one of the best beaches in Milos, Sarakiniko isn’t just your run-of-the-mill sand and waves beach. It feels like you’re walking on the moon, and if that isn’t enough, it’s full of mysterious caves and doorways that seemingly lead to nowhere.

In fact, one of the best things to do in Milos is to simply walk along the magical lunar landscapes at Sarakiniko. And if you’re feeling game, you can jump from the cliffs directly into the warm water.

We recommend that you go to Sarakiniko earlier in the day if you want a shaded space. It is quite easy to get to regardless of where you’re staying in Milos, which means it’s not so difficult to catch a gorgeous sunrise over the other-worldly landscape of Sarakiniko.

5. Visit the Catacombs

You might not expect it, but Milos is known for its catacombs, and some might argue that the catacombs on the island are older than those in Rome. Discovered in 1844, the catacombs in Milos date back to the end of the 1st century AD.

To see the sites, you will need to head to the northern part of Tripiti, where there is a parking lot with signs. These are well worth a visit, especially for those looking to break up their beach holiday.

6. Enjoy a day at a secluded beach

It’s no secret that Milos is famous for its beaches, with many of them only accessible by boat. For those staying in Adamantas, its well worth taking your car or ATV to other parts of the island for clearer water and a sand beach.

An afternoon at one of Milos’s beach clubs is also certainly one of the best things to do in Milos – especially if you are used to extremely busy beach clubs in other places and would prefer something a bit quieter.

There are over 70 beaches in Milos by our count, so it’s important to know where to find the best of them to maximize your time on the island. Some will require you to negotiate steep ladders and rockfaces, others have old buildings used in the old sulfur mines, and others still will have be accessible only by taking a boat around the island.

Either way, make sure you go prepared with water, sunscreen and shade because the most secluded beaches don’t have services. In return for that extra bit of difficulty, crystal clear waters and beautiful surroundings will reward you.

7. Try the dessert unique to Milos

Koufeto is a traditional Greek dessert which is considered the local dessert from Milos. It apparently has its origins in wedding ceremonies, but nowadays you can find it served at restaurants all over the island. Koufeto is made by placing candied local white pumpkin or cherries on top of yogurt.

The locals got it very right with this one: this delicious treat is perfect to cool you down in the summer heat and doesn’t make you feel sluggish as sugar-heavy food normally does

If you’re looking for it, Astakas, one of the best restaurants on the island, serves it for both lunch and dinner. But we wouldn’t be surprised if your boat crew serves it toward the end of your day.

8. Watch a breathtaking sunset from Prophet Elias Holy Chapel

One of the things to do in Milos is to watch the sunset, but one of the best things to do in Milos is to watch the sunset from Prophet Elias Holy Chapel. It’s not the sunset in Santorini with hordes of people gathered; rather, it’s a far more intimate experience that is more solemn than it is exciting.

The main entrance of the chapel faces west which means it’s the ideal place to sit and watch the sun disappear behind the sea. We will admit that there is a small hike to get to the chapel from the closest place to part, but the church is still in use which means the young and old alike are climbing to the chapel for services.

If you’re looking for a moment of contemplation for your sunset with the perfect view and without the crowds, there is no better choice than this location.

8.5. Taste unique wine at the only winery in Milos

Konstantakis Winery is quite divisive among locals and visitors alike. We have included this as 8.5 on our list of the best things to do in Milos simply because the winery that serves wine that some in your party will absolutely love, and others in your party feel something that is the very opposite of love.

Having said that, this is the only winery in Milos so it is an experience and will definitely be a great way to break up your trip otherwise. While the experience at Kostantakis is fantastic, with the wine cellar in a cave and gorgeous vineyards, the wine left a bit more to be desired for many in the group.

But if you’re willing to take the risk on the wine, visiting Konstantakis is great for a quick trip in the afternoon if you happen to pass by on your way to, or from, Pollonia. If you don’t want to take the risk, it might be best to allocate your wine time to Crete instead with its more conducive climate.

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