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4 Beaches To Inspire Your Next Holidays In Akyaka, Türkiye

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5 months ago

Planning your next holidays in Akyaka, Türkiye? I am guilty of calling Akyaka the best beach town in Türkiye.

What makes Akyaka the best place in Türkiye for a beach holiday? The small town of Akyaka is nestled between a number of Mediterranean beaches and several freshwater rivers and springs. While the luxury beach resorts in Bodrum may be a little further up the road, you want to come to Akyaka for quiet peaceful corners. Your own slice of the Turkish Riviera.  

To find your own ‘best beach in Türkiye’, here is my guide to the best beaches in Akyaka. And if you can make it till the end, I have also included a little bonus tip with the best freshwater spring in town.

the clear water beach of akyaka turkey
Where can you find the clearest water in Türkiye?

Getting around Akyaka, Türkiye

Before I give away Akyaka’s top secrets, let’s talk logistics.  

As you plan your holidays in Akyaka, Türkiye, I should warn you that many of Akyaka’s best beaches are situated on the edge of town or a short drive away.  

neo-ottoman architecture of Akyaka
The iconic architecture of Akyaka, set against the magnificent backdrop of Türkiye’s coastal mountains

You can find local cabs in various spots around Akyaka town. For American and European travelers in Türkiye, let me share with you one of the top things to know before visiting Türkiye: always insist on the meter or agree on a price beforehand!  

the fresh breakfast spread at west cafe. A great option during your holidays in akyaka turkey
Akyaka is a foodie heaven

If you do plan on visiting some of Akyaka’s best beaches, you will probably want to have your own set of wheels. Lucky for you, rental cars are very straightforward in Türkiye.

1. Akyaka Kite Zone (or Kite Beach)

For those in the kite-surfing industry, Akyaka is a little less of a secret!  

Kite Beach is the place in Türkiye for kite-surfing.  

coming for holidays in akyaka, turkey? Make sure to check out Akyaka Kite Zone
Hundreds of kiters glide along Akyaka Kite Zone. As seen from Akyaka town centre.

Want to try kite-surfing in Türkiye? There are a few providers on the beach at the Akyaka Kite Zone, all of which offer kite-surfing lessons in Akyaka. If you are thinking about taking a week of lessons, you might want to consider basing yourself at Kite Beach.

Kite Beach is also one of the best places for sunset in Akyaka. Here, the glorious red and yellows of a Mediterranean sunset descend between the mountains, with the last few kiters of the day gliding back and forth.  

sunset at akyaka kite zone in akyaka turkey
Sunset at Akyaka Kite Zone

2. Akyaka City Beach 

Don’t let the name fool you, Akyaka City Beach is still a Turkish Riviera beach, squeezed between cliffs and sparkling blue.

Akyaka City Beach is only a short walk from the main shopping street and the best restaurants in Akyaka. Beach, boregi, beach repeat?

boregi, with layers of cheese and spinach is a must-eat dish during your holidays in akyaka turkey
Just a short walk from Akyaka city beach sit some of the best cafes and restaurants in Akyaka.

Akyaka city beach can be a little busy during the day, but there is a convenience to coming here (especially if you don’t have a rental car). In my opinion, even when Akyaka beach feels ‘busy’, it is still has its own charm.

3. Çinar Beach Club 

We all love our creature comforts. Çinar Beach Club is for those who want to balance Akyaka’s rugged getaway vibes with the trappings of the best luxury beach resorts in Türkiye. At Çinar Beach Club, you can enjoy the Mediterranean coastline on a sunbed with an espresso martini in hand.  

olive trees mountains
Expect a constant backdrop of mountains and olive trees

At the time of writing, the entry price (including a sunbed) was 500 TL (US$17.50). I would personally continue a little further up the road. However, Akyaka is all about finding your own piece of paradise – and sometimes you really do need that sunbed.  

For those who are not convinced yet to give up on the beach resorts in Bodrum and Marmaris, come check out the Çinar Beach Club.

4. Ufuk Beach 

Part of the reason I think Akyaka is the best beach town in Türkiye is that you still feel part and parcel of Turkish everyday life.  

finding your own corner of paradise on the Mediterranean in Akyaka, Turkey
Your own slice of paradise: Akyaka

Ufuk beach may have a questionable name, but I loved this place so much I returned two days in a row.

man fishing alone on cliff in akyaka turkey
pure serenity in Akyaka

Turkish families from Izmir with their camper vans, local families from Mugla with an afternoon off, little barbeques grilling freshly caught fish – and not another tourist in sight. The locals clearly think this is the best place to go in Türkiye for a beach holiday!  

Oh, and did I mention some of the clearest water in the Mediterranean?  

It’s all about finding your own quiet corner here.

Ufuk can be a little tricky to find, but your best bet is to head to this Google Maps location:

You’ll see a turn offs here with a few cars parked and the camper vans. Take a walk until you see the families. For those seeking a little more privacy, walk along the shore until you find your little pocket of paradise.  

Bonus tip: Freshwater stream 

Anyone planning their holidays in Akyaka, Türkiye should know that your options extend well beyond the beach!

freshwater stream in turkey

Akyaka is famous for its freshwater streams and rivers. For those wanting to take a tip in the very refreshing freshwater, I highly recommend the little stream at Kücük.  

Head to the Google Maps location and then down a little pathway. The watering hole is hidden away behind the bar.  

peeking through at the clear fresh water at the Küçük watering hole
The clear fresh water at the Küçük swimming hole.

Küçük is a popular hostel/campground with the hip crowd from Istanbul and the Küçük water hole can become quite a social scene. Bring a book, order a beer and doze under the olive trees. You have found paradise. 

If you find yourself having had too many cocktails by the stream, don’t worry – the Küçük dancefloor will likely appear as the sun sets. Küçük is one of my best nightlife spots in Akyaka and one of the reasons Akyaka may be the best place in Türkiye for nightlife.

With lounge chairs, a small bar and relaxing music, the Küçük water hole is the place to be.

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