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Best Place In Türkiye For Nightlife? Top 3 Bars In Akyaka

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8 months ago

After enough big nights out in Istanbul, I know Türkiye knows how to party. As part of my search this summer for Türkiye’s best beach town, I set out to find the best place in Türkiye for nightlife.

If you came to Akyaka looking for the glitzy clubs of Bodrum, I am sorry to disappoint you. But if you came for world-class cocktails, sipped under palm trees and open-air dance floors moving to Turkish house beats – you are in for a real treat.  

neo-ottoman architecture of akyaka turkey
The beautiful Neo-Ottoman architecture of Akyaka, the best town on the Turkish Riviera

As you probably know by now, Akyaka is the best seaside town in Türkiye. Beside being home to some of the beach beaches in Türkiye, Akyaka has a hip and eclectic nightlife. I spent longer than I should have in Akyaka, so I know what I’m talking about. Here are my top 3 bars in Akyaka – the best place in Türkiye for nightlife!

Disclaimer: Vibes are very dependent on when you visit Akyaka! The best time of year to visit the Turkish Riviera is between May to late September.

man fishing alone on cliff in akyaka turkey
Pure serenity in Akyaka

Getting around Akyaka

As with any night out in town, it’s important to make sure you get home after!  

Local cabs can be found at various street corners around Akyaka town. If you find yourself out alone after dark, I always recommend asking the bar staff to call you a cab. Akyaka is full of small-town friendly vibes and any bartender will gladly help you out!  

best beach town in turkey, find out what are the best beaches in akyaka

If you do plan on visiting some of Akyaka’s restaurants in nearby villages, you will probably want to have your own set of wheels.

1. Mekan Akyaka  

Hidden behind some of the city-centre restaurants, Mekan is a stylish oasis in the heart of Akyaka. The décor is Galata meets Bali or Tulum and the bar is accompanied by an open-air indie cinema. If you are inspired to dress like the Akyaka kids, Mekan also has an in-bar high-quality boutique clothing shop.

eclectic djs in akyaka - the best place in turkey for nightlife
Akyaka has some of the best nightlife in Türkiye

Most nights of the week, Mekan offers a DJ on set, as holiday-ers and locals meet on the Turkish rug dancefloor to groove to the beats of Turkish house music.

I’m going to give away a little secret: Mekan may have the best espressos martinis on earth. Before you get into the Turkish beer, order one or two martinis. The system here is straightforward, you order and pay at the cashier and then show your receipt to the bartender.  

Local tip: Barefoot dancing is strongly encouraged!  

2. Dane Gokova

Dane Gokova is in the neighbouring Akcapinar village and makes for the perfect after-dinner drink spot for those of you visiting Yengec, one of our best restaurants in Akyaka

Throughout the summer, Dane will regularly have pop-up events, and it hosts visiting DJs from Istanbul. Dane’s bar can get very busy on the weekend, so try to get there early!  

With a drink in hand, head outdoors to Dane’s dance floor which is surrounded by pomegranate and eucalyptus trees. 

Local tip: If you are keen to try Turkish beer – I always recommend Efes!  

Dane Gokova also has a small boutique hotel, which you can book here.

3. Küçük 

Küçük is one of those great travel one-size-fits-all locations. This venue offers a hostel, campground, magnificent freshwater swimming hole, yoga studio and farm.  

During the day Küçük is home to Akyaka's best private swimming hole. After dark, Küçük is part of the reason that Akyaka is perhaps the best place in Turkey for nightlife.
The secluded beauty of Küçük’s watering hole.

Once the sun goes down, Küçük is also one of the main hangouts in Akyaka. Venues like Küçük are the reason Akyaka may be the best place in Türkiye for nightlife. The fun here is completely organic: people dance when they want to dance and drink when they want to drink.

sunset at turkish riviera

Local tip: Head during the day for drinks by the watering hole and ask the uber-cool bartenders what the program for the week is.

If you’re lucky, you might catch a day party at Küçük. What does that look like? Think gin sours, DJs, horses, fig trees, barefoot dancing and Turkish house music. 

Küçük can be a little tricky to find. Head to the Google maps location below and you basically need to enter the site and head south (down the hill) towards the field. If you’re stuck, ask anyone where the swimming hole is.

Beyond the essentials, Küçük is the place to hang out in Akyaka. You will only find Turkish travelers seeking out a chilled, relaxed holiday. The daily DJ and the resident Küçük horse provide the perfect vibe – not too much party, but the perfect spot for some sundowner drinks before you hit the town.  

akyaka watering hole

And bring your own mosquito repellent. I learned the hard way.

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