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Holidays in Akyaka, Türkiye? Top 5 Must-Eat Restaurants

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5 months ago

The secret is out. Akyaka is the best beach town in Türkiye and everyone should be planning their summer holidays in Akyaka, Türkiye.

If you ask me, a good holiday equals sun, beach and excellent food. Walking the streets of Akyaka, you’ll often seek shade under a pomegranate or olive tree, before passing fisherman with their daily catch of sea bass or bream.  

the clear water beach of akyaka turkey
The clear water beach of Akyaka, Türkiye

Turkish Cuisine?

East meets West, the country which bridges Europe to Asia. One foot in Europe and one foot in Asia. You will hear this travel cliché again and again when traveling through the region – probably because there is quite a lot of truth in it! And especially when we are talking about Turkish cuisine!  

neo-ottoman architecture of Akyaka
The iconic architecture of Akyaka, set against the magnificent backdrop of Türkiye’s coastal mountains

Turkish cuisine is so much more than the döner on European street corners or the fast food restaurants in Istanbul. With countless types of fresh cheese, robust cherry and apricot jams  and the whole array of Mediterranean fruits – when visiting Türkiye for the first time you want to make sure you are eating well!  

To find your own plate of Turkish deliciousness, here is my guide to the best restaurants in Akyaka (with a little sweet tip at the end!).

best beach town in turkey, find out what are the best beaches in akyaka

Halil’in Yeri (Halil’s Place) 

I may have tried every Turkish breakfast in Akyaka (but who is asking?). Halil’s Turkish breakfast finds the perfect balance of excessive cheese options, fresh vegetables and the most stunning location. 

One of the top things to know when visiting Türkiye: you want your Turkish breakfast order to include Sigara Borek (Turkish cheese cigars). At Halil’s you have hit the sigara jackpot!  

turkish breakfast on offer at halil's place in akyaka turkey
Fresh olives, countless cheeses, fried eggs and the star of the show: sigara borek

The setting of Halil’s Place offers the best of Akyaka. Here, you get to sit alongside one of Akyaka’s sparkling clear rivers – often joined by a friendly group of ducks.  

If you’re like me and you can’t function before your cappuccino, do be warned: Halil’in Yeri doesn’t offer a regular coffee menu. If you are keen for a local experience, their Turkish coffee is excellent!  

The best to eat during your holidays in Akyaka, Turkey is Halil's place for the creekside location
The stunning creekside location of Halil’s Place in Akyaka, Türkiye

West Café 

West Café is another strong contender for the best Turkish breakfast in Akyaka.  

the fresh breakfast spread at west cafe. A great option during your holidays in akyaka turkey
Expect lots of greens in your Turkish breakfast at West Café

Like Halili’in Yeri, West Café is set on the river and offers breakfast with the ducks. For what West Café lack in cheese cigars, they make up with fresh produce.  

West Cafe: the perfect spot for a quiet riverside breakfast

If you are in search of the perfect foodie souvenir to bring home from from your holidays in Akyaka, West Café has a little shop full of their own brand olive oils, vinegars and soaps.

Niss Manti

If you are on holidays in Akyaka, Türkiye, you probably want more than breafkast!

Niss Manti may be located on the main pedestrian street in Akyaka (normally a travel red flag!) but their manti (Turkish dumplings) are some of the best I have tried in Türkiye.  

Manti (or Turkish dumplings) filled with spinach or meat and topped with yoghurt and sumac
Manti (Turkish dumplings) topped with fresh yoghurt and sumac

Niss Manti is also one of the best restaurants for vegetarian food in Akyaka. I can definitely recommend both the green lentil and spinach manti on offer.  

Yengec Restaurant 

Yengec is located in the neighboring Akcapinar village – but don’t let that deter you. Akcapinar is a great starting off point for little boat tours through the river waterways. And when you’re done at Yengec, check out Dane Gokova (one of our best bars in Akyaka). 

Yengec is famous for its fresh seafood options.

Don’t worry about an English menu, your waiter will guide you through the enormous slightly amount of fresh Turkish mezze on offer before recommending the catch of the day.  

an assortment of fresh seafood mezze at Yengec restaurant in Akyaka
Fresh seafood mezze at Yengec

For a real treat, ask if they have the sea bass kebab.  

While the Turkish mezze is always excellent, make sure you save some room for their famous Baklava Cheesecake! If you are in search for the best baklava in Türkiye, the Yengec selection is a strong contender. I can personally vouch for their cocoa baklava!

baklava cheesecake. the perfect dessert for your holidays in akyaka turkey
Yengec’s legendary baklava cheesecake

Local tip: You will want to reserve ahead (+90 5427213485) as this restaurant gets very busy!

If you didn’t pick up a local SIM (it can be quite expensive at Dalaman Airport!), I recommend pre-buying an e-SIM from Airalo. An e-SIM for Türkiye can be as low as US$4.50 and saves you a lot of hassle!

eclectic djs in akyaka - the best place in turkey for nightlife
Don’t miss out on the nightlife: Akyaka have some of the best bars in Türkiye

Muco Akyaka 

Muco may have a very unassuming façade. Honestly, after eating at Café West or Halil’in Yeri, you might doubt why I’m sending you to this dingy little café in the centre of Akyaka. But, remember, some of the best food is hidden in the least expected places

So what’s so special about Muco?  

The answer: Menemen 

You are here for Menemen: a must-eat Turkish speciality

Menemen is shakshuka’s punchier Turkish cousin. Think eggs nestled in bold tomato-ey flavors whipped together with peppers and onion and often accompanied by that magical Turkish arrangement of salty cheeses. I highly recommend the combined Turkish breakfast with Memesen.  

Muco is also only a short walk from Akyaka City Beach and can easily be tied into an Akyaka beach day.

A sweet tip: Konak Dondurma  

Dessert is the best part of every meal, right? If you haven’t tried dondurma (Turkish ice cream) yet, you’re in for a real treat. Made with goat’s milk, dondurma is a little stickier and chewier than your average Italian gelato.  

Those of you that have visited Istanbul will be very familiar with the street shows of the ice cream vendors flying cones left, right and centre.  

If you are taking holidays in Akyaka, Türkiye, you probably are looking for something a little more relaxed But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean the ice cream is of any less quality. 

Konak Dondurma is my favourite ice cream shop in Akyaka. Both the caramel and Italian caramel (don’t be put off by the blue colouring!) are crisp and super refreshing. The perfect accompaniment to the beach in Türkiye.

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