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Latest Desserts

The Tried-and-Tested 9 Best Cookies in London

Michael Soud

May 23, 2024

If on the savory side London is having a grilled cheese moment, on the sweet side London is having a cookie moment. It’s become necessary …

The Best 7 Hong Kong Desserts and Where to Find Them

Daniel Herszberg

May 5, 2024

Hong Kong’s flavors are known all around the world for their subtlety, freshness and colors. We all know bubble tea (where did that really begin?), …

Unique South African Sweets: The 8 You Must Try

Michael Soud

April 15, 2024

In a country so ethnically and culturally diverse, South African sweets are by default varied and unique. There are some South African desserts and sweets …

Best 5 Desserts in Melbourne for 2024 – And 1 to Avoid

Daniel Herszberg

March 20, 2024

Melbourne is unquestionably the culinary capital of Australia. In many ways, a dessert crawl through Melbourne offers a history lesson (yes, I will justify eating …