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6 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Isle of Man in 2024

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3 months ago

Looking for an easy weekend escape from London? Want to get out of the big city and tap into nature?

The Isle of Man may be the best kept secret of the British Isles and the ultimate unusual London weekend escape.

Here are 6 reasons why you should start planning your visit to the Isle of Man.

1. Easy to access

Getting to the Isle of Man is very easy! With numerous daily flights from London Heathrow, London Gatwick and London City to Ronaldsway Airport (IOM), you can be in the Isle of Man in under an hour by plane.

Isle of Man is also connected by air to other major UK cities like Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool. There are also regular flights to Dublin and Belfast.

For those with a bit more time to spare, during the summer months Isle of Man is easily accessible by sea with a regular ferry from Liverpool and Belfast.

In my opinion, this makes for a super unique overseas road trip from England to Ireland – with the magical Isle of Man in the middle!

2. Accessible and magnificent nature

We all love those quintessential landscapes of Scotland and Wales. But let’s be honest, it can be a real effort to get there. Some of my favorites spots in the UK require hours on the road.

Within minutes of landing on the Isle of Man, you can be on some of Europe’s most rugged beaches and cliffs. If, like me, hiking isn’t really your thing, I recommend the short walk around Peel Castle (maybe as part of a guided tour), where the pathway hugs some jagged cliffs and the strong waves of the Irish Sea wash up against you.

If you are keen on a longer hike, I would recommend the Laxey, Agneash and King Orry’s Grave Self-Guided Walk. This moderate 4-mile walk offers magnificent views over Snaefell (good luck pronouncing that) and the surrounding hills.

You can combine this walk with a stop at Laxey, home to the iconic Water Wheel and Ballacregga Corn Mill Tea Room & Restaurant.

3. 10,000+ years of history

The Isle of Man has an incredibly long history with layers of civilizations. In my opinion, one of the great charms of the Isle of Man is that this history is just so easily accessible.

If you are driving from Douglas to Peel, I would recommend a visit to Tynwald Hill. This distinctive landmark was established by Norse Viking settlers over a thousand years ago!

In the south of the Isle of Man, you can visit the village of Cregneash. This heritage town was one of the last strongholds of Manx language and customs. Today, you can visit the original cottages and learn about the traditional farming practices of the Isle of Man – where history meets natural beauty.

4. Unique culture and folklore

The Isle of Man’s long history birthed a totally unique culture which makes the Isle of Man one of the UK’s top unusual weekend breaks.

The native language in the Isle of Man is Manx (similar to the native languages of Ireland and Scotland). Up until the 1800s, English was a foreign language for most of the population!

For those interested in learning more about Manx language, I highly recommend stopping by the Manx Museum in Douglas. Budget travellers will be pleased to know that the Manx Museum is free to visit.

Travel tip: If you are looking for a unique souvenir to bring home, I highly recommend stopping past the gift shop at the Manx Museum.

From locally produced ceramics to Manx flags, the Manx Museum gift shop has you covered.

My favorite thing about the Isle of Man is that its unique culture and folklore are still very much alive. Chat to the locals and ask about local stories, I was shocked by how many times I heard ‘oh yes, a giant lived there’ or ‘just past the bridge with the fairies’. Some may dismiss folklore as being about silly rituals and old wives tales, but let’s be honest – are we really that different?

5. High quality food and dining

What shocked me most about Isle of Man? The food and dining!

We have prepared the ultimate guide to the best restaurants in the Isle of Man, but let me give you a sneak peek into my dining highlights from the Isle of Man:

Fish and chips

I had the best fish and chips of my life in the Isle of Man – and, yes, I have lived in the UK for almost four years! With locally caught haddock and homemade tartar, the fish and chips in the Isle of Man is reason enough to book a return trip!

Artisan bakeries

There is an abundance of locally produced sourdoughs and artisan bakeries. I found a real pride across the island for local produce – and I loved it!

Vegetarian restaurants

There are so many high-quality vegetarian and plant-based options in the Isle of Man. Plant-based restaurants such as Vibe wouldn’t be out of place in East London, where creative menu items and interior aesthetics come together seamlessly.

6. A new country?

With its own flag, history and language, visiting the Isle of Man is basically like visiting a new country!

Technically, the Isle of Man is a crown dependency and kind of operates in a special relationship with the UK.

As a visitor, the first thing you will notice is that your UK SIM card does not work in the Isle of Man. I recommend you purchase an Isle of Man eSIM before your trip!

Despite the abundance of fish and chips and English language, you will very quickly notice that the Union Jack isn’t flown here!

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