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Top 5 Restaurants in Isle of Man for 2024

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6 months ago

Escaped to the Isle of Man for a cheeky weekend away from London? Or have you always been curious about this culturally and linguistically unique island? There are a million reasons to visit the Isle of Man and the incredibly fresh local produce and high quality dining options is certainly one of them.

As you plan your trip to the Isle of Man in 2024, don’t forget to save these Isle of Man restaurants!

1. Coast Restaurant (Douglas)

Set on the Douglas shoreline, Coast is one of the Isle of Man’s more sophisticated dining options. As you enter and are seated, you wouldn’t think you are in the middle of a rugged island in the British Isles.

Your dining experience begins with a plate of complimentary focaccia, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I have eaten a lot of focaccia in my life and I must be honest: this was exceptional. Not too overdone, sufficiently soft. And yes, I am not ashamed to still be writing about the complimentary starter.  

Coast has an extensive modern British and European menu, but the star attraction here is the Fish and Chips.

After living in the UK for over four years, I can frankly state that this was the most memorable fish and chips I have eaten. Why? In my opinion, the combination of melt-off-the-fork haddock with a firm and tasteful batter was spot on. The homemade tartar and mushy peas are all bonus additions at this point!

2. The Boatyard (Peel)

Set on the Peel shoreline, there’s nothing quite like eating seafood overlooking bopping yacht masts. Before coming to the Isle of Man, many people recommended The Boatyard and the restaurant certainly lived up to the expectation.

Peel itself is a gorgeous town and should be on every Isle of Man itinerary. I recommend scheduling your visit to Peel and Peel Castle to line up with either lunch or dinner at The Boatyard.

The Boatyard certainly leans into the nautical theme (can you blame them?). However, the restaurant isn’t kitschy and maintains a lovely and warm atmosphere on the water.

The menu features an extensive offering of locally sourced seafood. I went for the locally Peel-caught haddock and chips – with the extra mushy peas for the ultimate Isle of Man experience!

If you are looking for vegetarian restaurants in the Isle of Man, you will be pleased to know that The Boatyard offer a number of vegetarian and vegan options – including a mushroom tart with a vegan parmesan crisp (yes, you read that correctly).

3. Ballacregga Corn Mill Tea Room & Restaurant (Laxey)

A trip to the Isle of Man simply would not be complete without a visit to the iconic Great Laxey Wheel.

Ballacregga is a lovely cosy tearoom right near the entrance to the water wheel and it’s worth scheduling some time here either before or after your visit. The restaurant offers an extensive breakfast, lunch and high tea menu – featuring all your favorite goods from sausage rolls and scones.

Local tip: Save some room for their daily baked goods specials. Ballacregga’s millionaire’s shortbread makes the trip up here worth it!

I personally love how Ballacregga advertises their use of local Isle of Man suppliers for meats, creams and coffee – almost everything you are eating and drinking is locally produced!

4. Vibe Café (Douglas)

It’s all in the name. Vegetarians and vegans in the Isle of Man celebrated the opening of the Isle of Man’s first plant-based restaurant. I’m used to vegetarian restaurants always having a bit of a stigma, but you won’t find that at Vibe.

Also, can whoever designed Vibe come and redo my home? With wall hangings, built in bookshelves and the cosiest atmosphere, Vibe is truly about the vibes. This restaurant wouldn’t be out of place among the cool, vegetarian restaurants of East London.

Even if you are a raging carnivore, I highly recommend eating a meal at Vibe. The menu covers an extensive range of vegan eats, from pan-Asian specials like Bibimbap to Vibe’s take on bangers and mash.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the daily specials at Vibe which are handwritten by the counter.

Vibe is particularly famous for their desserts. Save some room for the blueberry kombucha cheesecake (made from creamy cashews) and, my personal favorite: the sticky toffee pudding served with caramelized walnuts.

Vibe gets very busy in the evenings (even off season!). I would recommend booking a table beforehand, which you can easily arrange online.

5. Noa Bakehouse (Douglas)

No list of the best restaurants in the Isle of Man can ignore Noa Bakehouse. Noa Bakehouse (meaning “New Bakehouse” in Manx) is a local institution and you will see their bread proudly offered on menus across the Isle of Man.

With a number of offerings in Douglas, I would personally recommend the main HQ by the sea terminal for the widest selection. I visited Noa Bakehouse a few times for everything from a hearty brunch, to a croissant for the road.

Noa Bakehouse does keep a different menu for breakfast and lunch. Honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong when you do come.

If you are traveling around the Isle of Man, I would recommend the ultimate Isle of Man collaboration in Port Erin: Foraging Vintners and Noa Bakehouse. Here, you can match your Noa Bakehouse breads and sandwiches, with locally produced ciders – all within walking distance to the beautiful coastal beach of Port Erin.

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David Unsworth

Tuesday 19th of March 2024

For the best value for money, it HAS to be the bowling green cafe in Peel and you can byo, with NO Corkage.