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Top 5 Vegan Restaurants in Spitalfields and Brick Lane

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6 months ago

Nobody would challenge me if I declared that London is the most vegan and vegetarian-friendly major city in the world, and nowhere is that more evident than East London. Vegan restaurants in Spitalfields and Brick Lane abound.

We’ve put together the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Spitalfields and Brick Lane, but you should know that pretty much every restaurant in London offers vegan and vegetarian options, even some of the best in Spitalfields and Brick Lane. And they’re usually willing to make any of their dishes vegetarian at the least.

Spitalfields and Brick Lane is also the perfect place to spend a day roaming around. It’s the special neighborhood of London that isn’t quite as well known as it should be.

5. Vida Bakery

Every food list we write has at least one dessert option. With Vida Bakery, it’s not just an option: Vida Bakery on Brick Lane is all about cakes, and it’s entirely vegan and gluten-free.

One of their most famous cakes is the rainbow cake. While I think it is delicious, I think Vida Bakery’s cupcakes are some of the best vegan cupcakes in London. I’ve once served a box of these at a party I threw in my home and I promise you when I say that not a single person picked up on the fact that every single thing was vegan and gluten free.

Vida Bakery on Brick Lane is also great for vegan and gluten-free birthday cakes. Make sure to order in advance because Vida Bakery is more popular than you might think. You’ll walk by it when you visit Brick Lane on the weekend for its famous markets.

4. The Culpeper

Okay, yes. This one isn’t exactly a vegan restaurant through and through, but the Culpeper’s vegan version of Sunday Roast is just incredible. I would say the beetroot, mushroom, sweet potato and goat cheese wellington with roast potatoes is probably one of the best vegan Sunday Roasts in London.

The pastry has that perfect flakiness that you want in a Wellington, and you’re left feeling very satisfied from the stuffing of the wellington itself. I know the Culpeper isn’t fully vegan so I’ll probably get in trouble for putting it on this list from the vegan purists, but Culpeper’s vegan wellington is just so good.

Also, if you have an hour to kill before your Sunday roast, go all the way upstairs (past the bedrooms) to the rooftop for one of the most beautiful views of the City of London. The rooftop restaurant has mostly vegetarian options with some vegan options so it certainly isn’t a bad choice if you’re looking for a vegan meal.

3. King Cookdaily

This is one of the newer vegan options in East London (actually, it was here before but it shut down for a while). They bill themselves as chef-crafted vegan grub, and it shows in the style and appearance of the restaurant.

It feels like more of a place you would go for lunch, but their meals are quite heavy so you might want to choose King Cookdaily for a casual dinner instead. Either way, they only know big portions. Get their chicken katsu (they’ve nailed the flavor) and treat yourself to their daily cake (it could be fig, it could be blueberries, it could be anything the chef desires).

They have so many options on the menu so if you’re just unable to make the decision then no look further: the Inferno is the right choice for you. It’s their take on a Thai green curry. I thought it was super filling and I thoroughly enjoyed the crispiness of the vegetables.

Take heed: sometimes there are super long queues for King Cookdaily. This is usually during the week when workers from the City of London descend from their offices for lunchtime.

2. What The Pitta

Tucked away amid the Indian restaurants on Brick Lane, What The Pitta serves vegan kebabs without the fuss – and surprisingly cheaply (surprising because the vegan kebabs are not lacking in taste).

This What The Pitta is pretty small so you might not be able to go with too many more people than three or four. Also, they might still be offering free fries if you download their app. What The Pitta is also at the foot of one of London’s best outdoor markets.

In my opinion, the vegan donor gyro was the yummiest thing on the menu, but I don’t think you can go wrong with anything they have on offer. Oh and the falafel is fantastic.

1. Dauns

This is probably one of the best unique vegan restaurants and cafes in London. They’ve managed to remove all of the pretentiousness that sometimes accompanies vegan dining by creating a warm, Scandinavian-type vibe.

I really loved their Swedish meatballs, but if you know Dan and me then you know we love grilled cheeses. Dauns has its very own vegan cheese toastie which is probably the best vegan cheese grilled cheeses in East London. Their “Skagen” (Swedish shrimp toast) tofish was also absolutely fantastic (I think I might like it more than I like Skagen normally).

Dauns also sells a whole range of vegan, Scandinavian foods like dill crisps, Swedish hot dogs, and mash and gravy with lingonberries. They’ve created a beautiful atmosphere that makes you want to sit down and actually feel time passing.

Dauns opens for early dinner on Saturdays so if you’re looking for a vegan restaurant in Spitalfields, then this could very well be a great option.

These certainly aren’t the only vegan options in Spitalfields and Brick Lane. I haven’t mentioned Unity Diner just across from Dauns which always has queues. And, this being London, everywhere has a vegetarian and vegan restaurant (and not just one that the chefs have quickly put together, it’s always something thoughtful). Even Som Saa has a full vegan menu.

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