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Wake Up Like A Capetonian With Breakfast At These 8 Spots

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2 weeks ago

To borrow from Gen Z slang, breakfast in Cape Town hits different. And it’s because breakfast is the most important meal of the day for Capetonians. It’s something about the beautiful weather and incredible mountain and ocean views that make you want to wake up and enjoy a leisurely breakfast every day.

Because breakfast is such an institution in Cape Town, it’s no surprise that there is stiff competition for the best breakfast in Cape Town. So we’ve done our work and picked the best of them for you to enjoy. And make sure you get to vetkoeks or another South African food. Breakfast always tastes better with a new and exciting flavor.

In the City


Located right in the heart of Cape Town’s city centre, Hemelhuijs is a chic cafe serving great local South African food and produce. In many ways, the décor kind of has the feel of an Aesop shop so it feels quite sophisticated, and there is plenty of handmade pottery adorning the shelves of the restaurant. Having said that, the team at Hemelhuijs is known for refreshing the décor every season so it’s always fresh and new.

One thing that is immediately obvious is that the team at Hemelhuijs really cares about aesthetic, whether it’s the design of the restaurant or the food that you’ll be served. And we’re very glad to say that it’s paid off: it really is beautiful in all aspects.


If they have it, order the mosbolletjies, an Afrikaner sweet bread which they sometimes serve with zaatar (a Middle Eastern spice). It’s an unexpectedly amazing combination, and it’s basically what we live for when it comes to food (fusions of different cuisines to create something special).

Our Local @ 117 Kloof

Our Local is a beautifully refreshing restaurant filled with greenery, wood textures and antiques to help you reconnect with the surrounding nature. It has a sort of greenhouse or barnhouse feel that is perfect for helping you wake up in the morning and get you excited about seizing the day.

What is particularly exciting about Our Local is that you can purchase literally anything you see in the restaurant, including a small antique to take home with you. And don’t expect average antiques: the team at Our Local has curated the selection you’ll see around you, so you may just find yourself walking out with something special and unexpected.


The standout dish at Our Local is the shakshuka – but it’s not your average shakshuka. It’s green and made with spinach, edamame beans and eggs. Having said that, the menu changes frequently, so make sure to ask the team what they recommend for the season.

The Stranger’s Club

The Stranger’s Club has the atmosphere that everyone else is trying their best to achieve – and it feels like it just happens naturally at The Stranger’s Club. The whole restaurant feels incredibly bright and airy, and you’ll often see Capetonians and foreign digital nomads whip out their laptops and work remotely from The Stranger’s Club for a few hours after breakfast.

After you’ve finished eating, make sure to walk around the shops within the building. It’s kind of like a concept store so you’ll find lots of interesting local brands. It’s one of the best breakfasts in Cape Town, and a super cool shopping experience.


The crowd favorite is the toasted pastrami sandwich, but frankly all of their sandwiches come highly recommended so you can’t go wrong.

Loading Bay

Loading Bay is somehow a fusion of an amazing breakfast spot, a clothing store, and an Aesop store. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that the food plays second fiddle: the team at Loading Bay has created an amazing array of tasty dishes. And just for good measure, the design is industrial and minimalistic.

For the health conscious, Loading Bay boasts a menu filled with high-quality ingredients and produce from regenerative farming which is what makes it one of the best breakfasts in Cape Town. The team is very proud of it, so feel free to ask them about it (and what’s fresh at the moment) for the best experience.


Loading Bay is famous for a lot of things (including a great bar), but what you really want is their freshly baked cinnamon rolls which they make on site. It’s amazing when a restaurant has perfected something as common as a cinnamon roll, and Loading Bay has done just that.

Between Us

The thing that makes Between Us one of the best breakfasts in Cape Town is that it genuinely feels like you’ve popped over to a friend or relative’s house for breakfast. The service is absolutely impeccable; it’s prompt, and the staff care about explaining what makes the Between Us story special (if you ask).

And as for the aesthetic, it’s clear that the team has put in the time and effort to create something beautiful.

The only warning we would give with Between Us is that occasionally the food can be hit and miss. Usually it is hit – and when it is a hit, it’s super tasty – but when it’s a miss, it can leave you wanting.


Make sure to get the muddled eggs and the banana bread. They’ve perfected the flavor profiles. Between Us also offers a dinner service, but we think it’s the breakfast that you should go for.

Manna Epicure

The funny thing about Manna Epicure is that it feels like the team didn’t intend for their breakfast offering to be as good as it is. So somehow, among knowing Capetonians, Manna Epicure has garnered a reputation for being one of the best breakfasts in Cape Town.

The experience at Manna Epicure is relaxed yet refined. This is the type of place that you go for a nice, leisurely breakfast with friends.


Get their malva pudding, one of the desserts you must eat in South Africa. This is one of the few restaurants that you can book for breakfast, but make sure you book well in advance – especially for a table on the weekend.

By the Water


Given it’s location just across from water at Mouille Point, it’s no surprise that Lily’s isn’t just good for breakfast, it’s great for sundowners in the afternoon to watch the sunset. But in our collective opinion, it’s the breakfast service where Lily’s really shines.

The restaurant is equal parts sophisticated and laidback, and paired with the view of the ocean across from you as you eat, it’s a perfect place for breakfast in Cape Town.


If you’re planning a leisurely breakfast, you’ll need to make sure you get there early. Capetonians are known for getting up early, so you’ll want to be at Lily’s before 9:30 am if you want a great seat. Naturally, Lily’s knows they’ve created something special, so they don’t take reservations for breakfast.

In terms of food, Lily’s serves more traditional breakfast foods like sausage and eggs and salmon on toast, but they do it very well. If you’re looking for more exciting flavor combinations, try Hemelhuijs.

JARRYDS Brunch & Bistro

If you’re looking for a breakfast joint where trendy Capetonians can be found, it’s JARRYDS in Sea Point. In the interest of being candid, JARRYDS doesn’t have a view of the water, but it’s just off the main drag of Sea Point so it comes with all the beach life vibes that you could want. In terms of food, JARRYDS is the resounding choice for one of the best breakfasts in Cape Town, if not, the best breakfast in Cape Town.

JARRYDS is quite popular so expect to wait (even on, say, a Monday for brunch), but queuing in Cape Town feel different. It’s almost a way of relaxing. In any case, JARRYDS is a super stylish spot and is a great way to wake up in Cape Town before heading to the beach.


It might be a bit heavy for the morning, but the Lotus pancakes are absolutely fantastic. You’ll leave very full and very happy.

Beyond breakfast in Cape Town

If you are planning a trip to Cape Town, you will want to make sure you also plan your other meals around Cape Town’s best restaurants (which even rival the restaurants of Johannesburg). And the dining experience doesn’t stop with dinner. After dark, we have you covered for the best of Capetonian nightlife at Cape Town’s best bars and clubs.

Dish at The Test Kitchen Fledglings
The Test Kitchen Fledglings is one of our favorite restaurants in Cape Town

In case it isn’t clear yet, South African cuisine is full of unique flavors, often reflective of its fascinating history. While you enjoy your brunch and plan the ideal day trip to the Cape Peninsula or Kalk Bay, you will want to keep your eyes open for South Africa’s unique foods and even better desserts.

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