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The 5 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Johannesburg

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4 months ago

Johannesburg is a sprawling city with a distinct and recognizable skyline made of concrete and greenery. It’s no surprise that a number of excellent rooftop restaurants have cropped up around the city, so make sure you carve out at least one lunch or dinner (preferably dinner) for an excellent meal on a rooftop with gorgeous views.

And if you’re just looking for an excellent cocktail in Johannesburg, we’ve got you covered with two local favorites that will definitely leave you satisfied.

Saint Restaurant

Located in the MARC building in the heart of Sandton, Saint doesn’t just have a beautiful view of the surrounding area, but is also one of the best restaurants in Johannesburg. They’ve got everything right from the quality and flavors of the food to the atmosphere and ambience of the space. It’s a lovely experience to look up at the domed ceilings with projections of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome or whatever else they may project that night.

The restaurant is attached to a bar lounge area so it’s also a great place for a night out with a lively atmosphere. The mixologists here are masters of their craft, and you can see it in the extensive menu of cocktails to choose from.

San Deck, Bar & Restaurant

With an unmatched view of Sandton, San Deck is the perfect rooftop restaurant in Johannesburg (if it’s not windy). It’s the balcony with the breath-taking view of the city skyline which makes this a favorite of locals and visitors alike.

The team at San Deck isn’t just resting on the beautiful view; they consistently deliver excellent local and fusion international flavors, and they have DJs on the decks on the weekends just for good measure. San Deck has really fashioned a reputation for itself as a local hangout, which means the service is excellent and the food is great, too (otherwise people won’t go back).

Marble Restaurant

Fun, vibey and with an amazing view of Rosebank, expect you try some of the finest cuisine in the city. The team at Marble loves to dazzle with elevated South African flavors, and they do it in what feels like a showroom that invites you in to be a part of it. I don’t think there is anywhere else in the city that serves the sheer variety of meat that Marble serves, and gets it right each time.

The staff know that the views from the balcony are impressive and to be enjoyed, so they’re more than happy for you to take your drink to the balcony and enjoy the views. This might be one of the more expensive restaurants as far as the best rooftop restaurants in Johannesburg goes, but you will leave satisfied and ready to recommend it to your friends.


Flames is more than just one of the restaurants in the Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff. The team at Flames has done an excellent job of taking advantage of the stunning greenery that surrounds the Four Seasons. Expect a spacious outdoor terrace with almost 360-degree views of greenery. Virtually all other rooftop restaurants in Johannesburg offer city views, but Flames offers greenery.

What we love about Flames is that they take full advantage of the view both day and night, so whether you’re going for lunch or dinner, you’re going to see the sun shining on the greenery or the lights of the city in the distance. And, of course, you’re going to get an exceptional meal with local produce. Make sure you try the Springbok dish for a particularly South African meal.

And when you’re ready for dessert, make sure you try the Malva pudding. South Africa boasts too many amazing desserts that you must try, and why not have the best version of the Malva pudding at Flames.

Just briefly on the Four Seasons The Westcliff in Johannesburg: Everyone knows the Four Seasons, but for most of us it’s very much outside an acceptable budget. The Four Seasons in Johannesburg is one of the most affordable Four Seasons hotels in the world, and yet you still get to enjoy all the trappings of one of the best hotel chains.

Jojo Rooftop Lounge

One of the best things to do in Johannesburg is to walk around the Maboneng neighborhood and soak up all of its artistic flavors. It’s too easy to stay on ground level and enjoy the scenery, but there’s an excellent rooftop lounge called Jojo Rooftop Lounge which is the perfect spot for a bit of respite and local cuisine. This is the best rooftop restaurant in Johannesburg for close-up views of Johannesburg’s downtown.

Being in the trendy Maboneng district, there’s usually a DJ or live music to accompany your alfresco dining. It all adds up to create a great Jozi atmosphere.

Best bars in Johannesburg

There are many bars in Johannesburg which are worth a visit, but two really steal the show for combining creative drinks with outstanding ambience. These two bars are frequented by locals looking for a more elevated experience.


Located in the heart of trendy Rosebank, Sin+Tax will serve you a beautifully crafted cocktail every time. The mixologists know what they’re doing, and they’re proud of their reputation as one of the best bars in Johannesburg. Sin+Tax does serve food as well, but with excellent restaurants around the Rosebank area, we would suggest you keep Sin+Tax for drinks.

A Streetbar Named Desire

This really is a special place that you should make an effort to go to. A Streetbar Named Desire has that authentic, natural vibe that just can’t be manufactured. Every visit to the Streetbar is a guaranteed good experience, and you know you’ll be getting an excellent cocktail (and shisha) no matter which you order. We can’t say these are the best cocktails in the world, but something about the atmosphere makes every sip taste just that much sweeter (or bitter, if that’s what you like).

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