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Visit the World’s First Pop-Up Mall in Shoreditch Before it Shuts Down

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2 weeks ago

If you’ve ever walked out of Shoreditch High Street Station, you would have been immediately confronted with curated graffiti and interesting smells (sometimes of tasty food, and sometimes of things that we wouldn’t recommend you taste). Shoreditch has long been known for its edgy scene and innovative food, a lot of which can be sampled at what is billed as the “world’s first pop-up mall”.

So which famous shopping and food hot spot in Shoreditch is closing its doors and why?

BOXPARK Shoreditch will be forced to give up its spot right outside of Shoreditch High Street station by the end of this summer.

Shoreditch locals came to love the eco-friendly black shipping containers that characterize BOXPARK. It’s always been the choice of destination for exciting new food as well as a great venue to watch sports games and to meet friends.

Why is BOXPARK Shoreditch shutting down?

But why does BOXPARK Shoreditch have to shut down if it’s so great?

Shoreditch is growing rapidly, and in order to make sure there is sufficient housing, the London borough that Shoreditch is located within has given approval to a developer to build a 15-storey commercial and residential building. The space that BOXPARK Shoreditch occupies is part of the former railway goods yard that the council has earmarked for development.

The development is known as the Bishopsgate Goodsyard Development. The renders appear to keep the existing beauty of the old railway line so hopefully we won’t have to say goodbye to more of the charm and beauty that make this part of London so special. We’ve checked the plans and, in our opinion, what looks most exciting is the High Line-style elevated public park which will sit on top of the old railway arches.

We won’t lie: this part of London has been in desperate need for a new public park, and there really isn’t anywhere better to build it than right at the site of BOXPARK Shoreditch.

There is huge demand for housing in East London so it’s no surprise that the council has deemed this spot which is quite literally beside Shoreditch High Street station to be the next spot for development. It’s not entirely clear what they will build in place of BOXPARK, but initial plans suggest 15-storey high rises with commercial and residential spaces.

Is BOXPARK Shoreditch worth visiting before it shuts down?

Over its almost 13-year history, BOXPARK has been a launchpad for new streetwear brands, independent designers who have gone on to grow their brands beyond the shipping containers, as well as bars and innovative foods.

If you have the chance to get to BOXPARK Shoreditch before the end of the summer, we highly recommend the vanilla soft serve at Soft Serve Society. It’s thicker and milkier than your typical soft serve – and they’ll add in all the toppings your heart desires.

There is no doubt that the operators will be hosting a huge number of events over the summer before it shuts down, so check out their Instagram to see what piques your interest.

Is BOXPARK Shoreditch moving elsewhere?

BOXPARK Shoreditch is really a set of connected shipping containers (which is what makes it so cool), so the initial rumors were that its operators will move to a different site in Hackney. It’s now been confirmed that they will be moving the operation to a site in Liverpool Street in 2024.

Shoreditch and Spitalfields

If you still want the best of London’s street food once BOXPARK Shoreditch closes in the summer, London has some incredible outdoor markets. And if you prefer partly indoor and partly outdoor, Spitalfields is home to the world-famous Spitalfields Market which is only a six-minute walk from BOXPARK Shoreditch.

If you’re in the area to go to BOXPARK, you can’t miss the amazing shops and eateries around Ebor Street – including the famous Shoreditch House (grab a friend who is a member and enjoy the rooftop pool in the summer). Or if that doesn’t do it, check out these amazing rooftops in East London which are perfect for a long summer day.

Neighboring Spitalfields is also filled with great things to do including the world-famous Brick Lane Market which will almost certainly keep you very entertained if you’re on the hunt for exciting new food to try.

And if you’d prefer something quieter, you can’t miss the gorgeous Townhouse Cafe which combines all of the charm and warmth of traditional English décor.

Regardless of when you go, make sure you to take the time to visit the surrounding area – if for no other reason than Shoreditch has some of the best of London’s food and drinks scene. You’d be remiss to be in the area and not explore.

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