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Best 4 Restaurants In Baku, Azerbaijan

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5 months ago

Azerbaijan is getting a lot of attention these days. From oil money to Eurovision, Baku has given itself a real facelift over the last few years: shiny new infrastructure, gigantic hotels and glitzy restaurants.

If you have travelled in Central Asia, Türkiye or Iran before, Azeri cuisine will be somewhat familiar to you. Azeri cuisine is typified by a lot of meat, fresh herbs and fresh pomegranate juice.

Flame Towers in Baku Old Town
Modern Baku peeking through the alleyways of Baku’s Old Town. You’ll want to make sure you have a comprehensive comprehensive Baku tour organized when you’re in town!

To help you make the most of your trip to Baku, I have put together this list of the best restaurants in Baku.

Getting around Baku

Baku is quite a navigable city so it’s easy to move from place to place. I always recommend using Uber or Bolt, which can often be as little as 1-2 Manat ($0.60 – $1.20) for a short 10-15 minute hop around Baku.

soviet era architecture in baku azerbaijan with flag

Between 4 pm and 7 pm, expect serious traffic in Baku and a serious surge in prices for both Uber and Bolt.

The Baku metro is very efficient and a great option for getting to tourist sites outside the centre, such as the Hayder Aliyev cultural centre. The metro also connects to the airport, although I recommend you double check the operating hours before relying on it!

Zaha Hadid architecture in Baku
The Zaha Hadid-designed Heyder Aliyev Centre in Baku

If you are staying in the Old Town or by Nizami street, most of the restaurants on this list will be within walking distance to your Baku hotel.

mosque in old baku
Despite being a Muslim-majority country, Azerbaijan is extremely secular in both outlook and culture

1. Sehrli Təndir

Sehrli Təndir is set on the main drag of Baku’s Old Town and is easily my favorite restaurant for breakfast in Baku.

Before a big day of Baku sightseeing, I cherish the quiet moments at Sehrli Təndir. Grab a seat by the open windows and watch Baku’s Old Town wake up: souvenir stall operators setting up, old men carrying carpets and kettles full of tea, and little kids running between the alleyways.

baku breakfast with kuku sabzi herb filled azeri eggs and lonely planet georgia azerbaijan armenia guidebook

At the junction of major civilizations, Azeri breakfasts take the best of all worlds. Expect lots of hot bread fresh from the tandir, homemade butter, locally sourced honey, preserved figs and a hot fry pan of Pomidor-Yumurta (the Azeri take on shakshuka) or Kuku Sabzi (a Persian herb-filled omelette).

2. Uckunc

Uckunc is an Azeri-style restaurant which is a little way from the Old Town or Nizami area but is well worth the few manat on a Bolt to get up here.

uckunc traditional azeri azerbaijan restaurant in baku with singers playing musical instruments and diners and silk road carpets
Uckunc has a magnificent aesthetic which will quickly transport you back to the era of the Silk Road

Uckunc is covered with traditional design, from musical instruments and rugs to an entire collection of brassware affixed to the ceiling. And what better accompaniment to dinner than live music – traditional Azeri music of course!

singer playing Tamborine azeri azerbaijan style at uckunc restaurant in baku

The menu contains the usual suspects of kebabs and various meats. Vegetarians like me will have a tougher time here. However, Uckunc has a generous offering of mezze and an excellent roast vegetable salad.

mezze salad of hummus pomegranate at uckunc best restaurants in baku azerbaijan

3. Terrace 145

Terrace 145 seems to be a little bit of a Baku institution.

terrace 145 dining room with traditional azeri carpets on chairs and views in baku restaurant

One of my favorite things about Azerbaijan is how newfound wealth hasn’t resulted in the shedding of national design and culture. Despite the glitzy allure of Terrace 145, the restaurant interior uses Azeristyle carpets to line the chairs.

The real reason you should come to Terrace 145 is for the views. Set in the heart of Baku’s UNESCO heritage-listed Old Town, Terrace 145 has sweeping views over the Old Town, Caspian Sea and the iconic Flame Towers.

view over flame towers in baku from terrace 145 restaurant
You can expect some of the best views from Terrace 145. Although for the best night photos, you will want to make sure you take an after-dark Baku panorama tour

Local tip: Terrace 145 is an ideal place for a sunset drink or meal. Try to time your visit to experience the views both during daylight and after dark – particularly as the Flame Towers begin their evening patriotic neon light show.

gulustan mausoleum on azerbaijan iran border nakhchivan visit things to do
Baku is the ideal starting point for any Azerbaijan adventure. Whether you’re heading over to the quirky exclave of Nakhchivan or into the territories of Karabakh

Terrace 145 tends to be on the pricier side. If you are on a budget and keen to soak in the views, the cheapest thing on the menu is an espresso for 4 manat ($2.35)

Terrace 145 is open 24 hours – ideal if jetlag is keeping you awake!

4. West Inn Rooftop

I like to think of the West Inn Rooftop as my little Baku secret. This café is set on a high floor of the West Inn Hotel (which is my favorite place to stay in Baku). The rooftop offers a small outdoor area to lap in Baku’s Old Town architecture. In my opinion, West Inn offers a much more intimate, although less panoramic, setting than Terrace 145.

west inn hotel baku rooftop restaurant with flame towers
The rooftop at West Inn is far more casual and intimate than Terrace 145

The menu offers a solid Western spread of salads, soups and even milkshakes. But the real reason you are here: most of the time it will just be you and perhaps one or two other guests.

fresh pomegranates on the streets of Baku
Fresh pomegranates on the streets of Baku

Now that you have the best restaurants in Baku, it’s time to explore this beautiful and relatively unknown country. From the exclave of Nakhchivan to the newly acquired territories of Karabakh, you could spend months in Azerbaijan!

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