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Where To Find The Best Ice Cream In Buenos Aires

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2 months ago

Argentina may be famous for its steak, alfajores and chocolate. But I think more people need to know that Buenos Aires has the best ice cream in the world. And I know a thing or two about ice cream…

I have eaten ice cream in every country in the world. Maybe that’s stretching it a little bit. But I do eat a lot of ice cream and I have been to every country in the world. In short, I am a humble global ice cream expert.

ice cream with red flavor and dulce de leche flavor

Argentina has a strong Italian heritage, with waves of Italian immigrants arriving in Argentina from 1870 onwards. It’s estimated that as much as 60% of Argentinians have Italian heritage. This means that the best of Italian gelato has been merged with the excellent dairy produce (and dulce de leche) of Argentina.

vintage map of buenos aires hanging in market

Lucky for you, I have done the hard work of tasting as many ice creams in Buenos Aires as I can. Here, is my definitive list of the top ice cream stores in Buenos Aires.

Before you go: Important ice cream knowledge

There is one important thing that every ice cream consumer must know before selecting their ice cream flavor: most heladererías (ice cream shops) will have multiple dulce de leche options. Usually this will also include their house special dulce de leche or a unique alfajor flavor.

architecture of plaza 9 de julio in buenos aires
The grand architecture of Buenos Aires

For your crucial Spanish ice cream vocabulary, here is a helpful table:

HeladoIce Cream
Puedo Probar?Can I try?
Una bolaOne scoop
Dos bolasTwo scoops
Tres bolasThree scoops

Top 5 best ice cream stores in Buenos Aires

5. Daniel’s

I told you I was a big shot in the ice cream world. Beyond los clasicos de Daniel, this ice cream store literally names their flavors after me.

With flavors like DanPari, multiple dulce de leche options and an excellent strawberry cheesecake, Daniel’s should be on everyone’s ice cream itinerary.

Daniel’s is a Buenos Aires chain and you can find branches in Palermo Hollywood, Palermo Soho, Belgrano and Recoleta.

palermo streets buenos aires
The leafy streets of Palermo: full of cafes, boutiques and excellent restaurants

If you ask me, the perfect day in Buenos Aires would probably be a morning coffee in Palermo, meandering through the boutique shops and bookstores and then a perfect pre-dinner ice cream before dinner.

4. McDonalds

I appreciate that I am staking my credibility on the line here. Before you judge me, just hear me out!

McDonald’s in Argentina offers two important innovative ice cream contributions that I really do pray are spread to all McDonald’s globally.

dulche de leche soft serve in cone in argentina best ice cream in buenos aires
Dulche de Leche perfection (source: McDonalds Argentina)

The first is dulce de leche soft serve. I recommend combining it with vanilla in a lovely swirl combinado.

sailboat in clear blue water with alpine green trees
McDonalds can be found across Argentina, meaning you can have quality dulce de leche soft serve deep in Patagonia

The second, and most important, is the filling of cones with hot dulce de leche (cono relleno). Yes, you can have a gooey caramel-y cone with dulce de leche soft serve on top.

3. Cadore

Founded by an Italian family in 1957, Cadore is a Buenos Aires institution.

cadore dulche de leche home style ice cream
With multiple dulce de leche options available, you can mix and match

You will likely need to wait in line, but don’t worry, it moves pretty quickly. You are here for one very important reason: dulce de leche. Famous for their unique recipe, at Cadore, they boil the sweetened milk for up to 16 hours before turning it into ice cream.

man with ice cream serving in red gown at cadores in buenos aires

Cadore will generally have 4-5 dulce de leche variations available but they all use the same recipe. You literally can’t go wrong!  

pizza at pizzeria guerrin
Cadore is only a short walk from Pizzería Güerrín, one of Buenos Aires’s most famous pizza shops

If an Italian food tour is calling you, keep in mind that Cadore is only a short walk from the legendary and must-visit Pizzería Güerrín.

Situated on Avenida Corrientes, Cadore is the perfect refresher in-between exploring Buenos Aires’s Congreso and Tribunales neighborhoods.

congreso building colonial architecture in buenos aires, argentina
The Congreso de la Nación Argentina in Buenos Aires

2. FinDe

It hurt me to put FinDe at the number 2 spot as it truly is such excellent ice cream.

finde ice cream with sorbet fresh flavor buenos aires

Finde goes beyond the regular assortment of flavors and combines the Buenos Aires porteño high-quality ice cream with some ice cream innovation. My go-to flavor at Finde is the key lime lemon pie, but you can’t go wrong with pistachio or, of course, dulce de leche.

If you are looking for something dairy-free, I absolutely love the lemon and coconut sorbet. It’s just so refreshing in the Buenos Aires sun.

FinDe is located in Palermo Hollywood. As the name suggests, FinDe stays open until the convenient time of 2 am on the weekend. A post-dinner or pre-dancing snack in the truest Argentinian way possible. The rest of the week it shuts early – 1 am.

1. And the best ice cream in Buenos Aires is…

Sui Gelé in Palermo Soho.

On a boiling hot Buenos Aires summer day, I stumbled across Sui Gelé by accident and potentially changed my ice cream life forever.

sui gele gelato - the best ice cream buenos aires

Sui Gelé offer traditional Italian-style ice cream using 100% natural flavors. They are adamant on not using pre-mixes, and they don’t allow artificial flavors or colors. Sui Gelé’s ice creams combine classic recipes with fresh ingredients. In short, this is high quality ice cream in the heart of Palermo.

hand painted sign in a gelato shop about traditional natural flavor

Even before I tasted my selection, I knew this place was special. The friendly server asked me which flavor I wanted at the bottom of the cone. This is the level of attention to detail all ice cream stores should aspire to!

napkin holder at heladeria in buenos aires
I love the vintage ice cream parlour vibe

Their house dulce de leche is easily the standout flavor, but treat yourself: try a few!

Palermo Saturday markets
The Palermo Saturday Markets are a top thing to do in Buenos Aires

Sui Gelé is around the corner from Plaza Serrano, making for a great ice cream as you navigate Palermo’s Saturday markets.

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