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Sarah from Banoma: Your Local Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires Insighter

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5 months ago

Meet Sarah, your Local Insighter for Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires.

After meeting her now-husband working at a ski resort in Colorado in 2018, Sarah made the move to his home city: Buenos Aires.

While working remotely from Buenos Aires, Sarah discovered how the Argentine capital is the perfect hub for digital nomads. In turn, Sarah built Banoma, making it her mission to help other remote workers call Buenos Aires home!

Sarah from Banoma in Buenos Aires cafe

Today, we are gaining exclusive access to Sarah’s local insights from her favorite neighborhood in Buenos Aires: Palermo Hollywood.

If you are planning a trip to Buenos Aires in 2024 (and trust us, you should be!), you will not want to miss Sarah’s tips to get under the skin of Buenos Aires’s coolest neighborhood.

palermo streets buenos aires
The leafy streets of Palermo: full of cafes, boutiques and excellent restaurants

Sarah, welcome to Travel Insighter! Can you introduce yourself to our readers who aren’t yet familiar with your journey and Banoma?

Shortly after graduating from university in Colorado, my home state, I decided to buy a one-way ticket to New Zealand with next-to-no plan. The only thing I was sure of was that I needed a new adventure.

Sarah with beer in front of her from patagonia brewing company
Sarah at the Patagonia Brewing Co.

I felt unfulfilled in the typical nine-to-five routine of a corporate job and decided to embark on my own “eat, pray, love” sort-of-journey

After one year in New Zealand, I was addicted to the traveler lifestyle. I decided to book a flight to Iceland where I lived for a couple of months before moving to Australia for a year. I worked as an au pair, a journalist, and a barista — really anything that would pay the bills and allow me to keep up my travels. 

iced latte at latente in buenos aires

When I returned to Colorado after my stint in Australia, I got a job at a ski resort. At the time, I thought it’d be a simple stepping stone while I figured out my next big adventure. Turns out, it was a pivotal moment. I ended up meeting my (now) Argentine husband on my first day of work and followed him back to Buenos Aires once the ski season ended. 

Sarah from banoma with husband arm around her in argentina
Sarah and her husband in Buenos Aires

I’ve been living in Buenos Aires for nearly six years now and work as a content creator. My mission is to inspire fellow remote workers to overcome their fears and start a new, exciting adventure in Buenos Aires (just as I did) with the help of my Digital Nomad Series

What a journey you have been on! Let’s turn to Palermo Hollywood. What is Palermo Hollywood to you?

Palermo Hollywood is a vibrant and artsy spot that’s always brimming with young locals and travelers alike.

ninina cafe in palermo buenos aires
Palermo Hollywood is full of vibrant cafes

It’s a hub for delicious food, trendy cafes, and cocktail bars. No matter the night of the week, you’ll always find something to do here

What are some must-visit places in Palermo Hollywood?

Simply walking around Palermo Hollywood and popping into the cute shops is one of my favorite activities. Come hungry because the selection of restaurants and cafes is great. 

A fun place to check out is Mercado de Pulgas. It’s a large market that sells antique furniture, artwork, and other vintage pieces. 

Can you share with us a hidden gem in Palermo Hollywood which nobody knows about? 

It’s not always set in Palermo Hollywood, but one of my favorite off-the-beaten-track experiences in the city is called Nómade. It’s an intimate concert with unique, local artists – mostly up-and-coming talent.

dada bistro buenos aires full of people restaurant
Buenos Aires is one of the most vibrant cities on earth – with a raging nightlife (if you know where to go!)

The address is only shared with those who purchase the ticket, and events are generally set in a cozy living room, outdoor terrace, small theater, or other quirky space. It’s a fun way to meet other people and enjoy local music. 

That sounds exactly like something only a Local Insighter would know about. Turning to food… what are your favorite cafes and restaurants in Palermo Hollywood?

For a leisurely lunch, I recommend checking out Artemisia or Las Flores. Artemisia specializes in vegetarian dishes, but the portions are big and the flavors are delicious. They also have a super cute market inside that sells local products like soaps, incense, and tarot cards.

Las Flores is both a cafe and wine bar set in a greenhouse style building. They have in-house sommeliers that will help you pair your meal with the perfect glass of wine. Leave room for the baked goods!

buns at nino gordo
Buenos Aires is no longer a carnivore’s city. For more vegetarian options, don’t miss our guide to the best vegetarian options in Buenos Aires

As for dinner, I could list a thousand spots! Palermo Hollywood has some of the best options in the city. Here are just a few of my top spots: 

  • Amador
  • Gris Gris
  • Sacro
  • Atte Pizzeria Napoletana
sarah from banoma using chopsticks eating in argentina asian food

We are big fans of the dining scene in Buenos Aires! What about the best coffee in Palermo Hollywood?

On the border of Palermo Hollywood and Colegiales, you’ll find CUADRA, a newly opened café with delicious specialty coffee and even better vibes. It’s set on a quiet side street with vines creeping up the side of its walls and an equally earthy interior.

If you’re working remotely, CUADRA is a great spot to get comfortable for a couple of hours and check things off your to-do list.

What’s your favorite dessert in Palermo Hollywood?

The banana bread from Salvaje Bakery is unmatched! 

Can you share with us the ideal night out in Palermo Hollywood?

Start with a cocktail at Frank’s, a speakeasy bar that takes you back to the 1920s.

sarah banoma drinking glass of wine in argentina

Then, head to Uptown for some hiphop music and dancing. Uptown is themed after a New York City subway station and is always buzzing with young locals and travelers. I recommend getting their on the earlier side as the line outside can get long on weekends. 

Entrance to Uptown club in Buenos Aires sign with Uptown & The Bronx
The entrance of Uptown is just the start of the fun

What’s your favorite landmark or place to go, even if just to pass the time?

Grabbing a book and riding my bike to Bosques de Palermo is one of my favorite ways to relax and enjoy time in nature. If you want to be super Argentine, bring your mate (it’s the national drink)! 

latente cafe in palermo buenos aires
Outdoor seating is extremely common in Buenos Aires

Keeping in mind that our readers love to travel like a local, what tips would you share with them?

Most restaurants in Buenos Aires open at 8 pm, but they don’t fill until 9:30 – 10 pm. If you want to hang among the locals, take a siesta and make a late reservation. 

people eating at bar in asian fusion restaurant in buenos aires
Buenos Aires has some of the best restaurants in Latin America

Can you share with us a Buenos Aires experience that you wouldn’t find in a guidebook?

If you’re visiting in November, I highly recommend checking out a polo match. Argentina is famous for its polo and is home to some of the best players in the world. You can dress up and pretend you’re a local for the day, cheering on the best horse! 

men on horse playing polo with sticks
Argentina is famous for its polo matches (Source: La Tarde Polo Club)

Is there a ‘best’ time to visit Palermo Hollywood?

There is no ‘best’ time in my opinion because each season has something unique to offer.

sarah from banoma sitting on balcony with pink and yellow flowers

In the summer, you can sit on an outdoor patio until the sun rises and never get chilly.

In the fall, the trees lining the cobblestone streets showcase beautiful shades of oranges, reds, and yellow. And in the spring, you’ll see tons of Jacaranda trees in bloom.

sarah banoma in street

Personally, I love the winters as its the most cozy time to kick back at a cafe or wine bar. 

We’re always on the lookout for unique souvenirs. Is Palermo Hollywood hiding any local craft spots?

A fun option is to make your own pottery at Nicolas Pottery. The workshop is also connected to a café, so you can grab a coffee on your way out

That genuinely sounds like a lot of fun! If you could give one piece of local insight to tourists visiting Palermo Hollywood, what would it be? 

Don’t over plan.

The best stays in Palermo Hollywood are spent simply meandering and seeing what you stumble upon. Maybe there’s an outdoor market, music coming from a bar, a sale at a boutique shop, a restaurant opening — the possibilities are endless!

Mural on wall in buenos aires
The colorful streets of Palermo Hollywood

Leave room for discovery. 

Palermo Saturday markets
The Palermo Saturday Markets are a top thing to do in Buenos Aires

Sarah – this has been incredibly insightful. How can our readers get in touch with you or learn more about your experiences? 

You can follow my journey in Buenos Aires and discover how YOU too can become a nomad in this city by following along on Instagram, TikTok or on my website.

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