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Becca from Half Half Travel: Your Local Park Slope, NYC Insighter

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4 months ago

Meet Becca, one half of Half Half Travel, and your Local Insighter for Park Slope, New York City. Becca and, her now husband, Dan, have been traveling together since 2016 and soon after started sharing their story on Instagram.

While Becca has visited many corners of the world, exploring New York City is still one of her favorite things to do when she’s at home. Today, we are gaining exclusive access to Becca’s local insights from Becca and Dan’s home neighborhood: Park Slope, New York City.

If you are planning a trip to New York City in 2024, you will not want to miss Becca’s tips to get under the skin of Brooklyn’s best hidden gem.

Becca Halfhalftravel in New york city

Becca, welcome to Travel Insighter! It’s such an honor to have you join us. For our readers who aren’t yet familiar with Half Half Travel, would you mind introducing yourself?

I’m Becca, from Half Half Travel. Dan and I write our blog to inspire other travelers to visit awesome places. My hometown is New York City, although I moved to New Jersey just across the river when I was a child and grew up there.

I went to college right outside Washington, DC, and after studying abroad at a university in Hong Kong in my third year, I moved to Shanghai (where I met Travel Insighter co-founder Daniel Herszberg – an epic time).

I lived in China and traveled in Asia for two years at that point, and then returned “home” to New York City where I landed a job in Manhattan that luckily let me do some travel as well.

In 2018, Dan and I left to travel around the world as nomads, and we spent time in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Dan from Halfhalftravel in New York City
Dan, the other half of Half Half Travel

Returning ‘home’ must have been quite the adjustment! How long have you lived in Park Slope?

Dan lived in Park Slope for two years, and that was the year we met.

Then, after living in Brooklyn Heights, Clinton Hill and Fort Greene, we returned back to Bergen Street – with a great apartment!

brownstones in park slope, brooklyn
The iconic Brownstones of Park Slope, Brooklyn

We’re curious: what do you love most about living in Park Slope?

The leafy streets, the brownstones, the people-watching, the cafes and the proximity to Prospect Park. Dare I say I love everything about the area? It’s no wonder it’s one of the most expensive parts of Brooklyn.

leafy streets of park slope, new york city
The leafy streets of Park Slope, New York City

I love taking a walk on a Saturday morning down 5th Avenue in North Park Slope and watching the stores and restaurants set up for the day, as neighborhood people walk their dogs and their babies and grab their coffees.

For our readers, can you share a spot in Park Slope that you wouldn’t typically find in a tourist guide?

Our favorite bar is a no-frills dive joint called Uncle Barry’s, on 5th Avenue. They have darts in the back, as well as a small backyard (you’d never know it, from seeing this place on the street).

cold brew coffee in park slope brooklyn

For coffee, we like Blank Street on 5th Avenue for a quick cold brew and croissant, or for a more upscale pour over, Blue Bottle Coffee on 7th Ave.

What’s one hidden gem in Park Slope which nobody knows about?

I have a few hidden gems.

The first is the park at 5th Avenue and 1st Street. It’s technically called Washington Park and JJ Byrne Playground, but I don’t know if anyone really calls it that.

Inside the park is an Old Stone House, that’s actually the site of the 1776 Battle of Brooklyn. It’s a revolutionary-era home that most people just walk by without noticing!

Wow, we would love to see that! Turning to food, what are your favorite cafes or restaurants for a leisurely lunch in Park Slope and for dinner in Park Slope?

My favorite Park Slope restaurant is WILD, on 5th Avenue and Douglass Street. Everything (I repeat: everything!) in the restaurant is gluten-free, and you’d never even know it.

I like sitting outside on the sidewalk eating a big pie all to myself on a summer afternoon or evening. They also make nice cocktails.

For dinner, National (Thai food) on 5th Ave and 2nd Street has excellent curry. 

And where’s the best coffee in Park Slope?

This is a loaded question for me, as a coffee and café fanatic!

We reviewed the best coffeeshops for working at in Brooklyn, and you can find a lot of our picks there.

I tend to like Hungry Ghost as well as KOS Kaffe. Blue Bottle Coffee is excellent for upscale and boutique coffees, and there is an outside garden with some seats (not necessarily ergonomic seating, but for someone who wants fresh air while hanging out with their work).

What’s your favorite snack in Park Slope?

Both Dan and I are fans of Mexican food, and Dan’s all-time default favorite joint is Nacho Macho Taco on 5th Avenue. I’d also recommend Maya Taqueria on 5th Avenue at Degraw Street, and they have seasonal specials like watermelon drinks or tamales for takeaway.

fresh juice in park slope new york city

Do you go out much in the evening? What’s there to do after dark in Park Slope?

We both love a night out in Park Slope.

It’s mostly where our friends gather to meet and go for dinner, and then for drinks.

evening carnival in park slope new york city

Park Slope is the perfect “neighborhoody” neighborhood where you might bump into a friend or two on the street, and it feels homey and friendly.

A memorable evening out in Park Slope would begin with our group of friends at the restaurant BOGOTA, for Colombian food and maybe taking some aguardiente shots for some hype. Ha! Then, we’d probably head to a cool bar like the Beer Garage on Douglass Street.

Do you have a favorite landmark or place to go in Park Slope, even if just to pass the time?

My favorite Park Slope landmark is undoubtedly Prospect Park, which is so gigantic, it touches quite a few neighborhoods, including Crown Heights, Prospect Lefferts Gardens and “South Slope.”

Litchfield Villa in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
The historic Litchfield Villa in Prospect Park

Specifically, an interesting landmark within the park that I like to pass by on my bike is the Litchfield Villa, an “Italianate” mansion located just off Prospect Park West. Most passers-by don’t even know the proper name for it, but it’s certainly a looker, with a bunch of history!

When you have visitors in town, what’s a unique experience in Park Slope that only a local would be able to show them?

If I have visitors in town, I take them on a big walk into Park Slope, down 5th Avenue, and down some gorgeous leafy streets toward Prospect Park.

brownstone buildings in park slope, Brooklyn

We, of course, go to Grand Army Plaza, where you’ll often see live music like a reggae band or maybe some other type of entertainment. Plus, you can grab some street food here at most hours of the day!

Are there any warnings you would give to visitors to Park Slope?

For getting to the neighborhood, I would actually suggest getting off at the Barclays Center subway station, which is enormous, and is only four blocks from where we live.

My one warning for visitors heading to Park Slope is that there is not necessarily a subway stop at every corner.

If you exit on 4th Avenue, just head over to 5th Avenue and you’ll be at the north end of Park Slope. If you are coming from elsewhere, head off at stops along the yellow “NR” line, or the “FG” (orange/green) line.

Becca from Halfhalftravel

I think it would be helpful to note that the farther you go southbound in Park Slope, the quieter it gets, so to speak. Most action is happening closer to the subway stations in terms of dining, bars, shops and things like other services or stores. 

If someone had just one day in Park Slope, where would you tell them that they must go to do or see that isn’t on all of the tourist guides?

For one day in Park Slope, I’d suggest walking down 5th Avenue, choosing a pretty street to walk east on, and then up 7th Avenue, to see all the different types of shops as well as architecture.

sunset in park slope brooklyn

Then, head into Prospect Park at the 9th Street entrance, which is relatively quiet. You’ll find yourself at the running and walking loop, and you can head inward into the park toward the ponds and the Ravine.

Are there any events, festivals or celebrations that are particularly special in Park Slope?

A special celebration every year in Park Slope is the PRIDE parade, which happens every June (check the date for your specific year of travel). This is in addition to the “NYC Pride Parade,” and Park Slope hosts the one for Brooklyn.

It’s a raging good time, with everyone on the street, local music groups, neighborhood organizations and every bar open with streetside seating (and standing). This is a reason why I love to be out and about in Park Slope during summer!

For those of us who love collecting momentos, are there any unique souvenirs or shopping experiences in Park Slope?

The “avenues” in Park Slope will have the most shopping options, and there are some very cool places to buy clothes, gifts and more! The Community Bookstore on 7th Avenue is cool, as well as Beacon’s Closet on 5th Avenue for vintage and second-hand curated clothing.

Park in New York in the fall with fall leaves

If you could give one piece of local insight to tourists visiting Park Slope, what would it be?

My local insight is to keep walking!

The more I walk in Park Slope, the more I find. I’ve walked for miles on nice days, as well as cold and semi-rainy days, and I always come across new beautiful buildings, interesting homes, new shops opening and restaurants I’ve never noticed.

Always walk and appreciate your surroundings!

becca from half half travel

Becca, it’s been so good to catch up with you. How can our readers get in touch with you or learn more about your experiences? 

We would love it if anyone would get in touch with us and we answer every email from readers of our blog, or other places where travelers learn about us.

Feel free to email us at our contact form, or send a message over Instagram or Facebook

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