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Where to Find the Best Vegan Currywurst in Berlin

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1 month ago

You don’t have to work hard to find currywurst in Berlin. In fact, I would say currywurst are literally everywhere in Berlin. If it’s your first time in Berlin, it’s crucial you understand: currywurst is the unofficial dish of Berlin.

At this point you’re probably thinking: what is a currywurst? Basically, think of a juicy sausage topped with a not-very-German curry sauce. You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about once you realize you’re smelling both curry and barbecue on the streets of Berlin.

As you all know by now, at Travel Insighter we firmly believe food is one of the many gateways to understanding both a people and a place. In short, food is a key pillar of cultural understanding. We take great pride to ensure that we ‘eat our way’ through any city. And Berlin is no exception.

The big issue is: I’m strictly vegetarian. But as you probably know by now, Berlin is one of the best cities in Europe to be a vegetarian or vegan. Plant-based and vegan currywurst in Berlin is more common than you’d think. And trust me, on a Berlin morning after a big night out at one of the city’s famous techno clubs, you will soon find yourself craving this easy-to-munch-down-snack

There are many currywurst stores in Berlin, and I mean many, especially with a vegan option. So with much stress, I’ve done the hard work and tried them all. With that, I’ve rounded up where to find the best vegan currywurst in Berlin. And please don’t worry, all stores mentioned in this article cook the vegan sausage in a separate space to the ‘normal’ sausage, ensuring zero cross-contamination

Being vegan in Berlin

When I first began traveling in Europe (10+ years ago), there really weren’t many vegetarian or vegan options. When I went into restaurants and shared that I was a vegetarian I was often laughed out of the restaurant (‘you want salad?’). These days it’s an entirely different story.

Nearly all restaurants across major European cities will have at least one or two vegan options. It goes without saying, Berlin is easily the most vegan-friendly city in Europe (although London is a strong challenger). But if you’re on a day-trip to nearby Potsdam, you might find the situation a bit more difficult.

In Berlin you can count on most vegetarian or vegan options containing some form of protein. Happily for most vegans, gone are the days when the vegan substitute was merely vegetables. And don’t worry if you don’t speak German; Berlin is a mega-creative city, with most Berlin locals understanding and speaking basic English.

So, if you’re trying to get under the skin of Berlin (and still eat vegetarian or vegan), you shouldn’t have a problem conversing with the local staff.

If you’re eating near Friedrichshain or Kreuzberg, it is likely that the person serving you will be from abroad, seeking their way into Berlin’s creative arts scene. On this note, talk to the workers at these currywurst stores if you hear a hint of an overseas accent.

You’ll likely hear an inspiring story about their journey, how they came to Berlin and the fascinating projects they’re currently working on. It’s no secret that nearly everyone ‘young’ in Berlin is balancing two or more casual jobs while pursuing their artistic passion.

The 4 best vegan currywurst in Berlin

4. Curry 61

Some may say that Curry 61 is the ultimate Berlin street food experience. Wherever you turn, there is a Curry 61 in Berlin. Curry 61 has managed to create the perfect balance of tangy tomato and a kick of spice.

Local tip: Looking for a unique Berlin souvenir? Curry 61’s curry sauce is so good they even have the bottles for sale!

We don’t often recommend chains, but when we do we’ll direct you to the store offering the best experience. In my opinion, the Curry 61 store at Hakescher Markt is easily the most atmospheric.

There is usually a line up the street but it moves quickly and you won’t be waiting more than 10–15 minutes. Your wait time may increase to 30 minutes if you’re visiting on the first Sunday of every month when, across the Spree river, Museum Island (and especially the Pergamon Museum) is free!

3. Ketels Curry

Located in Kreuzberg, an essential neighborhood to visit on any Berlin itinerary, Ketels Curry offers one of the best vegan currywurst in Berlin.

A Berlin rite of passage involves coming here in summer, picking up a Ketels Curry currywurst and a couple of beers. Better yet, come in the late afternoon and catch the sunset – often with music playing at Admiralbrücke. If you have any general currywurst questions, definitely feel free to ask the staff. We found them super helpful and friendly.

2. Vöner

This all-vegan spot is just wow. After I first tasted Vöner’s currywurst, I immediately went back to the kitchen to double-check it wasn’t a ‘normal sausage’. This is one of those rare places that ensures you don’t doubt your dietary choices.

Vöner is located in the cool and uber-hip Friedrichshain. Easily my favorite neighborhood in Berlin, Friedrichshain is at the forefront of Berlin’s world-class dining scene. And Vöner deserves a place on any list of the best restaurants in Friedrichshain. If you’re keen to explore Friedrichshain’s vegan scene further, I always recommend joining the only-in-Berlin vegan walking tour of the neighborhood.

Vöner is generally busy, but don’t expect to wait too long. As you’ll find with most currywurst joints, they move along quite quickly. If you’re feeling a little hungrier, I always recommend a side of the vegan cheese fries.

1. And the best vegan currywurst in Berlin goes to…

Witty’s Currywurst.

This centrally located shop is right next to Friedrichstrasse Station and, without a doubt, contains the ultimate vegan currywurst in Berlin. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll understand. Witty’s has managed to find the perfect ratio of curry to sausage. You simply don’t miss out at any point of the experience: every single bite has flavor.

A rarity for vegan travelers, Witty’s offers two vegan gluten free sausages to choose from. Both are excellent and you can’t go wrong. My advice is always to order one of each (but I do tend to take things too far). While there is no seating area at Witty’s, the small shelf and bar area has enough space to stand while you’re munching down your currywurst. Does it get anymore Berlin than this?

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