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Adi and Shani: Your Local Insighters for the Old North, Tel Aviv

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1 week ago

Meet Adi and Shani, otherwise known as the Tel Aviv City Ladies, and your Local Insighters for the Old North, Tel Aviv.

It doesn’t get more Tel Avivi than Adi and Shani. These twin sisters offer fresh insights into everything that makes Tel Aviv one of the best cities in the Middle East. From restaurants and dining to the city’s vibrant and organic arts scene, the Tel Aviv City Ladies have you covered.

In that spirit, we are gaining exclusive access to Adi and Shani’s local insights from their home neighborhood, the extremely elegant Old North of Tel Aviv.

If you are planning a trip to Tel Aviv or Israel in 2024, you will not want to miss Adi and Shani’s tips to get under the skin of Tel Aviv’s most charming neighborhood: the Old North.

Adi and Shani: The Tel Aviv City Ladies

We are Shani and Adi, twin sisters from Tel Aviv, who live and breathe the beautiful city of Tel Aviv. Born in Petah Tikva, a small city not far from Tel Aviv, we moved to the Old North about 15 years ago.

We own an online jewellery brand called ‘Shani and Adi Jewellery‘. Beyond this, we manage our own online digital print store, ‘Prints Actually‘ where we sell our photography.

We are always searching for the next best place to eat, drink, stay, and explore in Tel Aviv, and in Israel in general. So a few years ago we started a travel blog and Instagram account called ‘Tel Aviv City Ladies‘ which focuses mainly on Tel Aviv and on our trips abroad.

What makes the Old North exciting

We love the laid-back atmosphere of the Old North. Especially being able to walk everywhere – you can find a real sense of community in the Old North. In our opinion, the Old North has a unique charm and character that sets it apart from other areas of the city.

Must-visit places in the Old North, Tel Aviv

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite must-visit places:

  • Taking a walk to the namal (the port) at sunset. You’ll want to time your walk with sunset and all Tel Aviv locals know that Migdalor is the best place for a sundowner drink.
  • Cruising along Dizengoff Street all the way to the magnificent Bauhaus-designed Dizengoff Square. This trip must include a coffee from Nahat cafe and some time lounging on the grass in the middle of Dizengoff Square.
Beach in Tel Aviv, Israel with beach chairs
  • Indulging in a lavish lunch (including a French vibe) at Delicatessen Brasserie on Rabin Square – make sure you’re sitting at the bar!
  • Relaxing in the beautiful Yaacov garden at Habima square.
  • On Fridays, stop past the food market at the Dizengoff Centre mall, which is a must-visit place in itself because of its unique architecture 90s design.

Hidden gems of the Old North

While Migdalor at the Namal may not exactly be a hidden gem, the experiences you can have there are. Migdalor often hosts live music shows and sunset yoga classes – right on the beach. To tap into this local hidden gem, we recommend following their Instagram account for their upcoming events.

Food and Drink in the Old North, Tel Aviv

The Old North is known for having some of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv.

Food you must try

Right on the iconic Dizingoff Square, La Shuk is one of our favorite places for lunch in Tel Aviv. Our favorite dish here is unquestionably the shrimp and artichoke dish.

When we want to get out of the Old North, we’re big fans of the cool vibes and neapolitan pizza at La Tigre. This isn’t your ordinary pizza store, and they’re proud of having many options and unique flavors – but we always go for their melanzana.

Local tip: It is customary to add a tip in Tel Aviv restaurants, usually between 12% – 15%.

Best breakfast

If Tel Aviv is one of the best cities in the world for breakfast, the Old North is home to some of the best breakfast dishes in Tel Aviv.

For breakfast in the Old North, we recommend going to the new Cafe 38. With beautiful French-style décor and delicious breakfast dishes, this is a consistently good option in the north. If you’re planning to visit on the weekend (and remember, in Israel the weekend is Friday and Saturday), you’ll want to book a table in advance as it can get very crowded.

Another one of our favorite dishes in Tel Aviv is the ‘beer bread special’ at Cafe Xoho. Every week, Cafe Xoho changes the topping, and it is easily one of the best dishes in Tel Aviv.

Best coffee

You’re spoiled for choice when looking for the best coffee in the Old North of Tel Aviv. Cafelix on Shlomo Hamelech street is an artisan coffee roaster from south Tel Aviv.

If you’re familiar with Tel Aviv, you’ll realize Cafelix is a chain. But if we’re being candid, this store is easily our favorite because of its local, cool Old North vibe. Digital nomads will also appreciate that Cafelix is a great place to bring your laptop.

For high-quality coffee in an outdoor seating of an old, beautiful temper building, don’t miss Mae Cafe at the Sarona Market. And if you’re looking for the best pastries in Tel Aviv alongside your coffee, head to Pâte & Puff bakery on Masaryk square.

Hidden gem: Cafe Yael

For us, Cafe Yael is one of our favorite hidden coffee places. The cafe is located on a quiet street with no other cafes, on the ground floor of a residential building. This is the kind of cafe that is only known by the locals. You’ll thank us later.

Best dessert

For the best desserts in Tel Aviv, we’re giving you two choices. First, we love the bread pudding at Cafe Plaza and, well basically, all of the sweet pastries at Pâte & Puff bakery.

Going out in Tel Aviv’s Old North

In the summer, we love going to the Roodi rooftop bar. Located in a stylish boutique hotel, this hidden gem boasts panoramic views of the Tel Aviv skyline. You can get a full dinner here, or just have a drink by the pool.

In general, Tel Aviv is buzzing after dark. Take some time to feel the evening energy by walking the small streets, playing night volleyball on the beach, or seeing a play or a movie. If you’re looking for a casual drink, there are many high-quality bars on Marmorek street, near Habima square.

Best time of year to visit Tel Aviv


In our opinion, the best time to visit Tel Aviv is between April to June or October to December. The months between July and September are simply too hot.


Tel Aviv’s event calendar is extremely busy and the city hosts many events all year long. We get our updates from the Tel Aviv app ‘Digitel’ and TimeOut magazine. Before you arrive in Tel Aviv, we always recommend checking out the Tel Aviv municipality website which has information in English.

Unique shopping

Recently, many small – and extremely charming – pottery studios have opened up along Ben Yehuda street. Take a browse and, if you’re feeling creative, you can even attend a class.

Our favorite shop for souvenirs is Yooletta, located in Masaryk Square, for unique stationery and gifts.

Transport in the Old North, Tel Aviv

The best thing about Tel Aviv is that nearly every place is walkable. But if you do use public transportation, we recommend using the ‘Moovit’ app for easy payment and accurate routes and timeliness (including live updates on delays).

Get in touch with the Tel Aviv City Ladies

You can visit our Instagram account and website or contact us via email at

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