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The 7 Best Restaurants in Kentish Town Right Now

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4 months ago

Kentish Town is no longer just a place to pass through on your way to Camden or Hampstead Heath. This little are has built itself a reputation for having an excellent selection of restaurants, some of which serve cuisine that you simply cannot find elsewhere in London. The best restaurants in Kentish Town could earn a spot on a list of some of the best and most unique restaurants in London.

We’ve rounded up the best restaurants in Kentish Town right now. We should mention that Kentish Town hasn’t found itself onto the beaten tourist path, so the places that we’re recommending are hardly the most well-known in London. But for the extra effort, you’ll get to experience some excellent (and unique) flavors at very reasonable prices, and be well outside of London’s tourist traps.

Ramo Ramen

Ramo Ramen self-describes as a “Filipino-infused Japanese ramen restaurant”, and it’s this type of magical fusion that seems to have found a home in Kentish Town. You’ll find chicken ramen and karaage, but also fried cassava bites. But the standout dish is the oxtail ramen – what a beautiful combination of flavors that you really can’t find anywhere else.

You’ll find typical ramen broths like shoyu (soy sauce) and miso (fermented bean paste), but the Filipino infusion is what gives it a character that won’t soon leave you. On a separate note, it’s always a nicer experience when a restaurant puts effort into its design, and Ramo Ramen has done exactly that to perfection with its adorable cartoon characters and unique combination art styles.

If this piques your interest, there is also a thriving Filipino food scene with everything from a modern Filipino bakery (Panadera – get the panko chicken sando), a fusion Filipino-Caribbean restaurant (Guanabana), and even a Filipino ice cream shop (Mamasons – try the ube) just a three-minute walk down the road. Beautiful things like Filipino fusion happen when different communities come together.

The Parakeet

Virtually since its relatively recent opening, the Parakeet has cemented itself as a local favorite in Kentish Town. Its reputation has spread, and it’s now becoming one of the best places for Sunday Roast in London. We love it for its unpretentious atmosphere, top-notch food, thoughtful décor and charming service.

The team at the Parakeet really has done everything to create an amazing dining experience, and it’s one of those places that we know we can go back to and we’ll be sure to have an excellent experience. I daresay that this is probably one of our favorite pubs in London at the moment.

Make sure you try the potato bread for an extra special flavor.

Mario’s Café

If you want a real local café that is no nonsense, Mario’s Café is for you. It has that charm that only a family-run café can pull off, offering every fry up combination you could possibly imagine. Mario’s is strictly a breakfast and lunch establishment.

It really does feel like a treat just to be inside the café. The owner is proud of his business, and that means that Mario is happy to oblige any request to keep his customers happy. There’s no doubt that Mario’s Café has earned itself the reputation as one of Kentish Town’s most iconic spots.

It’s not just the atmosphere that makes Mario’s worthy of a spot on this list of the best restaurants in Kentish Town. We love the mix of English breakfast with Italian staples, and Mario always does an excellent job of ensuring that every ingredient that touches your plate is of the highest quality.

There’s a reason why Mario’s has been around for years, and why locals keep coming back.


Located just a minute’s walk from the O2 Forum, Patron has earned itself a reputation for serving French cuisine that isn’t just good for Kentish Town, but which holds its own against some of the best French restaurants in London.

Don’t expect huge portions here, but do expect very considered flavors and presentation. Their steak tartare might be one of the best we’ve had in London, but the strange thing is that they don’t seem to know it: Patron knows they serve great food, but it seems that they don’t know just how good. Patron makes excellent food in an elegant and tasteful atmosphere, and they do it without trying too hard.

We recommend you book Patron well in advance. It’s not yet a hotspot for non-locals, but locals know what’s good in there area, so Patron is often booked out.

The Queen of Sheba

When a list is created of London’s best Ethiopian restaurants, the Queen of Sheba absolutely must feature. If it doesn’t, the list isn’t worth your time. The injera (a pancake-like flatbread made with a slightly sour taste) is so flavorful – you just want to eat everything with it. If you haven’t tried Ethiopian food before and don’t want to take a risk, the Queen of Sheba will not leave you disappointed.

The atmosphere at the Queen of Sheba is laidback and chilled; it’s the type of place that relaxes and excites all at the same time – and that’s no easy feat. Make sure you get the spiced tea, and take a bigger group so that you can try all the exciting flavors.

The Queen of Sheba is also excellent for vegans and vegetarians (Ethiopian food generally is amazing for vegans and vegetarians).


Indian food in London doesn’t need an introduction. It’s no secret that some of the best Indian food outside of India can be found in London, and you can get a taste of that at Babuji. The staff do an excellent job of making every diner feel welcome, and they’re incredibly attentive during your meal.

Babuji bills itself as Indian street food, but that’s doing it a slight disservice. Babuji’s food is on par with some of the finer sit-down Indian restaurants in London, and without the price tag.

If you’re not sure what to get, try the vada pau. You won’t be left disappointed.

East West

It’s not often that I find myself wanting a restaurant that I love to open more locations, but East West is just so good that more people should have the chance to experience it. East West is nominally a pizzeria, but with a twist: it’s a fusion of Indian and Italian. We don’t know anywhere else you can find that, and even if there is, it’s very unlikely to be at the level of East West.

Think saag paneer and truffle tagliatele, masala corn chaat and mayo dip. The flavors are just so right, and you will absolutely be thinking about whether you can ever settle for ordinary pizza again (except, of course, London Detroit Pizza).

But they don’t just stop at pizza. The team at East West have created a menu of fusion cocktails that will dazzle the senses in all the right ways. Your nose and tongue won’t know whether to characterize them as Indian or Italian. Is it more masala chai than old fashioned? It’s not easier to decide on the second cocktail, but get another one anyway.

This is also the perfect spot for vegetarians looking for unique and exciting flavors that don’t rely on meat.

Make sure you try the butter chicken arancini. You know when you’re uneasy about a flavor combination? This isn’t one of those times. It’s the perfect marriage of eastern and western flavors, and we want more, more, more.

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