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How to Do a Day Trip from Berlin to Poland + Top Things to Do in Poznan

Daniel Herszberg

June 29, 2024

With a longer Berlin itinerary, you’ll want to allocate some time for day trips from Berlin. For most visitors, Potsdam and Sachsenhausan are among the …

Best 5 Places to Travel Solo in Europe (Summer 2024)

Daniel Herszberg

March 28, 2024

During my 12-year journey to Visit Every Country in the world, I traveled solo for months and months on end. In fact, I think almost …

Finding the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw: Top 10 Sites

Daniel Herszberg

December 16, 2023

Warsaw today is very different to the Warsaw of the past. Beneath the skyscrapers of modern Warsaw lie a tragic past. I am in Poland very …

Top 5 Day Trips from Warsaw, Poland 

Daniel Herszberg

December 15, 2023

Poland’s capital, Warsaw is an ideal starting point for exploring the rest of the country. From exploring Polish artist villages in the countryside to learning …

Plan Your Trip: Before You Go

Lublin: A Pocket-Friendly Weekend Away in Poland

Daniel Herszberg

December 14, 2023

Looking for a cheap European weekend escape? It’s no secret that Eastern Europe is generally a very affordable destination. I have spent months in Poland …