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The Essential Top 5 Day Trips from Cardiff

Alex Johnson

May 30, 2024

Wales’s historic capital and largest city, Cardiff is an excellent place for a weekend break. If you have time for a longer stay, there’s a …

Everything You Need to Know When Planning Your Hong Kong Travel Itinerary in 2024

Daniel Herszberg

April 25, 2024

After living in Hong Kong for a number of years, I’m used to the questions that family and friends throw at me before visiting: How …

10 Best Day Trips from London by Train with Everything You Need to Plan

Alex Johnson

April 23, 2024

One of the best things about visiting England is that it’s relatively small, especially if you’re coming from Australia, the US or Canada. To put …

The Ultimate Guide To London’s Airports

Michael Soud

December 23, 2023

Being the commercial, financial and cultural capital of the UK (and, I dare say, Europe), it’s no surprise that London has five major international airports …