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Marie-Pier Savoie Kilpatrick | Travel Insighter

Marie-Pier Savoie Kilpatrick

About Marie-Pier Savoie Kilpatrick

"At 16, I traveled to Italy and Greece on a school trip. While this would not become my main way to travel (I prefer to wander and explore more authentically), it was the moment I knew that traveling would be a part of my life. As a French Canadian, Acadian girl from the East Coast of Canada, I thought travelling may not be in the cards for me, but as time went on, the itching never left. My love for travel was also in part shared by my grandmother who, after having 14 kids and losing her husband at the age of 65, decided to travel the world. Today, I am a mom to a one-year old boy whom I cannot wait to share the beauty of the world with."

- Marie-Pier Savoie Kilpatrick

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Articles Written:

Countries Visited: 30

Years Spent Traveling: I spent the majority of my 20s always on a flight somewhere!

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